Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ranking My New Shows

Hey People,

So I thought it would be fun to discuss about the new shows I've added to my list this season. I've only added 4 shows from network television: How to Get Away with Murder, Forever, Jane the Virgin, and Gotham.

If I had to rank them judging by their pilots it would be

HTGAWM > JTV = Forever > Gotham

and now, after watching half of the season it's more like this

JTV > Forever > HTGAWM > Gotham

JTV for the win, which is really surprising because that was probably the show I was least anticipating for. But if you're like me, you still gave it a try and hopefully enjoyed it as much as I do. Luckily, the Golden Globe nominations will save this show from being cancelled.

Forever is the new Castle and Bones, which is sad because a lot of people aren't watching it even though they use the same formula as the veterans. Forever is in danger of being cancelled. It is in a difficult time slot since I watch the other 2 shows that compete with it on network television and it doesn't help that ABC hasn't done well in that spot for years. Too bad Forever might not last very long.

HTGAWM was the show I thought would save me from this disappointing fall season, but after the premiere, the show's cases-of-the-week were either boring or so out there I just didn't even want to see the ending result. Stick to what works. Get rid of the weekly cases and focus on the self-defense murder case of the husband.

Gotham is the new Smallville. I don't think this show is dark enough and I think it could be so much better if they redirected their focus away from Gordon and his life and focused on Bruce. I originally liked the idea of it not centering around Bruce, but it turns out Gordon is annoying and his life isn't as interesting as Bruce's, even if he is in his preteens years. I rather deal with hormones of a teenager than with mood swings of an adult. Yes, the twist was good, but I could argue that the best episode so far this season was a Bruce centered episode.

Anyway those are my thoughts and I heard there are a good batch of midseason shows coming. Hopefully, it's nothing like the fall. Also I wanted to tell you why I didn't review The Flash. It's a spin-off from Arrow and I used to watch Arrow, but quit, not because of the story, but because I couldn't take Stephen Amell's acting. Maybe he's gotten better, I don't know. I never had to quit a show for that reason before. Anyway because I don't watch Arrow, I felt there was no need to watch the spin-off. That doesn't mean it's not good. Actually I heard it's quite good even better than Arrow. So by all means, try it.

Luv ya,

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