Monday, January 5, 2015

The Good Wife S6 E11 Review

Hail Mary (title of the episode),

Full of grace, the lord is on Cary's side. Being on vacation did not slow down The Good Wife one bit. It came back stronger than ever. And even though, I kind of hate the whole "saved the day, the last minute" in this case I did not mind probably because the save came with a price over Kalinda's head. Let's get into it.

Cary: Cary is preparing for the worst--maximum security prison. He hires someone to basically teach him not to be someone b*tch on the inside. It's sad to say this, but it's true that in jail there is racism just like Orange is the New Black portrays it to be. Cary calls Kalinda his girlfriend, but admits it's complicated. Ugh, why is he still hung up on Kalinda I will never know. I seriously am still rooting for Cary and Robyn in the shadows. Speaking of Robyn, where is that chick?

Kalinda: Kalinda makes a deal with the devil aka Bishop. Bishop will have a white guy watch Cary's back in jail and in return Kalinda has to answer a mysterious call when the time comes. I still hate how Kalinda is so formal with Bishop. Yes, sir. No, sir. It's disgusting and I hate hearing it. I'm just waiting for Kalinda to do to Bishop what she did to her husband. Kalinda talks to one of Bishop's guys and that's when she realizes Cary is innocent of his charges because he plead guilty to advising how to smuggle in drugs, but the smuggling happened 2 weeks prior to Cary's advice. Yet, the DA is prosecuting Cary for a crime for smuggling drugs out of the country.

Alicia: Alicia is dealing with her preparation for her debate with Prady. She's a bit distracted because of the Cary situation unfolding so she's more interested in her phone than the debate. Eli decides to call Diane so he can tell her to stop calling Alicia. As for the debate, Alicia was totally acting like Mitt Romney using the moderator as a buffer and you don't want to do that because it can backfire on you like it did with Mitt Romney.

Diane: Diane brings the new evidence that Kalinda uncovers in court and the judge rules that they have to show the evidence that the prosecution knew about the inconsistencies. And so the clock starts ticking.

Kalinda: Kalinda finds out the Canadians sent an email to the police telling them about the import to their country.

Alicia: Prady's stand-in was high as a kite because of his glaucoma, which was hysterical to me. I love how Eli's daughter caught it. And why doesn't Alicia like milk?

Cary: I think it's wonderful how Cary thinks Alicia as his only friend. She's even more trustworthy to him than Kalinda is. Just goes to show you how close they have become since the 1st season. Cary's prison mentor tells him he needs to get laid before he goes in the big house. Obviously that will be Kalinda's duty, which is really sad. Alicia calls Cary and wants to know what's going on with overturning the plea. And this is how Cary finds out he may not go to jail.

Kalinda: Diane subpoenas the drives of the police office so they can see if the detective ever got the email. She finds out the email went directly to spam folder and was deleted so the detective never read it. We should note here that Kalinda never answered the mentor when he kept asking if she's Cary's girlfriend. I guess pity sex is better than hooker sex. Kalinda goes to Cary and tells him she couldn't find a violation. Commence the pity sex!

Alicia: Finn stands in for Prady and I have to say you could feel the playfulness between them as they debate. I didn't think it was sexual tension, but it was definitely a cat and mouse game between them like who could get the next zinger. Oh how the writers love to toy with us.

Kalinda: Kalinda tells Cary that she'll be there for him when he gets out. Cary may be a friend with benefits for Kalinda, but she values her friendship with him most of all. She'll protect him by any means necessary. This includes her groveling at the feet of the devil and even changing the drives to read that the email was opened.

Cary: Carry contemplates if he should go on the run and run his *ss all the way to Spain. His mentor tells him not to do it. Cary is no runner.

Kalinda: Carey finds something rather odd with an interview conducted and notices that a detective is playing both bad and good cop meaning there was another detective there for the interview and they may be hiding him for a reason.

Cary: Cary looks at his bank account and leaves the hotel room. Man is rolling in it. But there's a time gap between him leaving and him showing up in court, so where was he? My money is on he wasted it all on something extravagant or gambling. Either way, I think he spent it all and now think he's broke, but we'll have to wait and see what happens next episode to know if I'm right or not.

Alicia: Alicia and Finn are still flirting with each other during the debate and her husband comes in and starts interrupting by correcting Finn. Finn decides it's time for him to go, and therefore, Peter becomes the new Prady. Alicia asks Peter to get Cary into minimum security, but Peter says he can't do that. However, it turns out Peter does help his wife by delaying the judge from going to court. Peter has good intentions sometimes, but I still think he is what the judge made him out to be. Alicia (the noob) vs. Peter (the vet) and Alicia was kicking butt.

Diane: I felt so bad for Diane that she had to feel the blunt force of the judge. She was a deer caught in headlights and had no idea what he was talking about. Turns out, Kalinda didn't switch back the email to being unopened. I knew once Carey came in and had something. I yelled at the screen "Turn it back, Kalinda!" Knew this was coming all along and now Diane was using it as evidence.

Kalinda: Archie should just win an award on her face alone. It was pure horror. Kalinda actually did end up having real evidence, not fabricated. She found out that one of Bishop's goons was a victim of entrapment meaning he was pushed to do something illegal or in this case, pushed to say something illegal. The judge ruled that Cary has been through enough and set him free. Now what happens if the detective finds out about Kalinda's switch. We all know Archie is leaving. Will it be because of this? Will Archie be the one going to jail or will she be the runner? Cary may not be a runner, but we all know Kalinda is. Kalinda also missed Bishop's call. Granted, she doesn't need him anymore since Cary isn't going to prison, but will Bishop see it that way or is he more like "a deal's a deal" type guy? I'm still hoping we find out what happened to her husband. I know I keep bringing these things up, but I'm hoping the writers might read this one day.

Alicia: Now about that kiss... First off let me say it was nice to see the reaction of Alicia. I yell like that when I'm excited too. Now that kiss, I don't think it meant anything. Alicia isn't in love with Elfman. I just think she was excited and she just couldn't hide it. When Alicia likes someone she's more reserved. This was a spur of the moment. But I'm glad it was with Elfman. They did seem to have chemistry the first time they met and I would have been upset if this was Alicia and Finn's first kiss. Alicia is just kissing everybody now. Watch out Eli, you might be next.

Luv ya,

P.S. I've come to realize that Alicia is an emotional debater. When she was debating the Professor she wasn't at her best because he was unknown to her. When she debated Finn, it was almost flirty. When she debated her husband, she was on full attack mode. Just a thought I had.

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