Monday, February 2, 2015

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S1 E11
Your pelvis should be touching my pelvis. I swear someone needs to make a  Rogelio video of the crazy things he has said.

Jane is juggling too much on her plate. She's a waitress, a teacher, and an inspiring writer. She can't do it all as she learns when she falls asleep at the wheel and has a fender bender. Jane decided to take the teaching position, that is until the head writer tells her she has potential. But it seems like this was a setup by the head writer and Rogelio's assistant who happen to be lovers. Might this be a way for Rogelio's assistant who is also an actor to take Rogelio's job? I don't know how yet, but that seems like the likely scenario.

Xo keeps her pelvis away from Rogelio but eventually she comes clean about her new commitment to God and Alba comes clean about how she found out about Xo's celibacy.

Rafael has dinner with Jane's family to impress them, but it doesn't end well when Rafael brings up money. Jane is an independent woman and Xo can't see Jane ending up with Rafael because they are so different. But mostly because Xo knows Michael is still in love with Jane and was with him for 2 years. Xo is finding it difficult to move on from that possibility.

Michael has been tracking Rafael while Rafael is doing Michael's job and is following the evidence. Michael ends up in the hospital because he was snooping where he didn't belong. Because Michael didn't change his emergency contact, Jane was called and there they meet again. Michael takes this as a sign while Jane has already moved on. Since Michael has been sleeping with his partner, she saw Jane and Michael together and assumed the worst. Therefore, she called her boss and told him Michael disobeyed direct orders.

Meanwhile, Petra has been hiding out, thinking of where to go before her ex finds her. She gets the help of her ex-fiance to help, but he uses her weakness against her and makes her think her ex has already found her. Obviously Petra has bad taste in men except for Rafael, but even he was an ass back then. Petra's story line is starting to diverge from everyone else's. I hope the writers can bring her back into the mix.

S7 E12
I liked it more when they were competing against each other. Last week, Castle solved the case on his own. See, he can do it all by himself. Because the top leading actress was leaving the show to start her own network with the victim of the night, the overseer for the network, who started the victims rise to fame killed her.

For our romantic duo, they are still freaky as ever and Lanie is still MIA. That's really all that needs to be reported.

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