Tuesday, February 3, 2015

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S1 E13
The week this episode came out it was my favorite out of the three I watch tonight because it was so personal to Jo. We got to finally see Jo's husband and witness her grief. We saw a glimpse of it in the 1st episode, but this time it was in full swing so the case-of-the-week took a backseat for me because I was much more interested in learning about Jo's husband and how she deals.

Case-of-the-week: A guy was killed so a cop, a jeweler, and a thief could split the insurance on stolen diamonds. They would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for the cop being an idiot and shooting in the wrong angle and basically just talking too much. Cops, such amateurs when it comes to thievery.

Jo had a hard time dealing with the case because her husband was the prosecutor who gave the victim a 2nd chance. Jo is still in the grieving period, but at least she knows she has Henry there for her.

Will we see that young Asian boy back working at the shop? I think that would be cool addition to the show.

S4 E12
This epic trilogy ended on a sour note for me. I guess the high from the previous episode before this couldn't be sustained.

Last episode, we saw what Control has been up and they're still following orders blindly. They work with Research (aka Samaritan), but Control is slowly figuring out that Research is keeping them in the dark.

Root and the gang are searching for Shaw and still believe she's alive except for Finch, but at least he's helping with the search.

I really didn't like this episode. Maybe it was because The Machine Team was MIA until the end and all they were doing was looking for Shaw, which I expected, but I wish we got the see them in action instead of just hearing about it on the news.

I wonder if the rest of the episodes this season will be about finding Shaw. I mean I miss the girl, but if I have to wait 2 years until she's back I rather they not go down this witch hunt and be reminded of what I'm missing. Just in case the actress decides not to come back, POI needs to prove it can still carry on without her. Hopefully, the lead that they have will actually lead them to something else.

S3 E12
Last episode was a slow burn. Casey and Dawson are still awkward as ever around each other, but they were dealing with their own shit. Casey was wondering the whole entire episode if he made the right decision on who to save first. Everyone was fine in the end. Dawson and Severide did their own investigation in the building Shay died in. Turns out it was arson.

Peter Mills and Brett dealt with a domestic violence call. In the end, Mills ended up snapping at the husband and threatened to kill him if he laid a hand on his wife again. I guess he has a lot of issues since someone was set to kill him and maybe still is.

Boden's father is in town and helped take care of the baby. They thought he was there to see the newborn, but it turns out he has stage 4 cancer and only has months to live.

Otis, and Cruz helped Herrmann form a little league hockey team and are there to supervise him if things get out of hand.

There will be a Chicago crossover starting with this episode tonight. That means, Chicago Fire tonight, Chicago PD tomorrow. Again, I will watch both for you.

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