Wednesday, February 4, 2015

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S1 E4
Their music is just stuck in my head all the time as you already know. Anyway let's get into it. Lucious finally told his girlfriend about his condition. I'm shocked she acted so kind. I didn't think she cared. We find out Lucious's father died by the hands of a Nation of Islam and that Lucious bad blood with Beretti is because Beretti put his name on songs and got credit for creating them even though he never touched them. Beretti doesn't want Empire to go public so he threatens Lucious to give up the dream or he'll bring Empire down by disclosing how Empire started. I guess Cookie wasn't the only one who knew how it started. Lucious should add Beretti to the list of people to shoot in the face.

Cookie did what Cookie does best and tries to sign the rapper named Titan, who has a killer song, by talking to his mother. In the end, it was the teamwork of Lucious (giving a phone for Titan to record his songs on) and Cookie that made Titan sign with Empire. Cookie also is the new manger of Tiana, which Bougie Debutante doesn't like so much. Speaking of Tiana, girl found out about Hakeem's cougar and girl didn't even care. I bet if Hakeem didn't have money she would. TaKeem probably won't last long.

Andre covers up for Lucious by giving him an alibi for Cookie's cousin's murder. As we see in a flashback between Andre and Lucious, it seems that Andre has always covered for his father. Too bad his father doesn't think that much of him.

Jamal is living in a shithole. He's prideful and won't accept any money whatsoever by Lucious. If Lucious touched it, he don't want it. He had trouble concentrating, but he may be using his distractions to his advantage.

On Chicago Fire last night, we found out that Shay's arsonist is the same person who killed Henry Mills, Peter's father. This arsonist has been doing his thing for 20 years.

The Chicago Fire Department has decided not to bring charges against the man because they don't have enough to stick to him.

Gabby calls her brother, Antonio from Chicago PD, to see if his team can gather evidence against him.

The crossover event ends tonight.

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