Thursday, February 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday: It's A Bird...It's A Plane...It's Smallville!

Hey People,

So since I kind of gave up on Gotham recently (although them bringing the Joker in makes me want to check it out), I thought it would be nice to review another superhero show that I used to watch. Smallville isn't the best show, nor is it the best superhero show. However, Superman is my favorite superhero, so it wins there. I came for Superman, but I stuck it out for an entire different reason. Let me explain.

Summary: It's the story of how Clark Kent became Superman and it was really, really, really long like the writers did everything in their power for CK not to become Superman.

I started watching this show when I was 11 years old so I might be writing this for nostalgic reasons. This show wasn't that great now that I think about it, but I guess I stuck with it because around that time I didn't have anything else to watch. I don't think I even knew what a great TV show was yet. So why am I reviewing it? Well because if I hadn't stuck around, I probably would have missed one of the best couples on TV. Yes, you read correctly Smallville leads had some great chemistry. Clark Kent (Tom Welling) and Lois Lane (Erica Durance), need I say more? Lois doesn't show up until the 4th season and even then you barely see her it wasn't until the last season that she was in every episode. But when she does show up, she steals the spotlight from everyone including Clark. This show tried anything and everything to hold back Clark from becoming Superman. At some point, it really didn't even make any sense anymore, but whatever. I'm guessing it had to do with rights to Superman. Like I said, the plot wasn't the reason why I stuck around.

I only missed one episode through its run and this is before DVR and streaming so when you missed an episode, you missed it. I knew exactly what episode I missed so I watched it right before the series finale. I realized after watching it that I didn't miss anything because it was a filler. Go figure.

Judgement: If you're interested in the series, I say go for it, it's 10 seasons long though, but if you're not interested, don't worry about it. It's not must see TV. This show stopped being about Clark becoming Superman and instead turned into when will Lois and Clark end up together.

I thought it would be nice to end this review with a playlist to show you how great their chemistry is on the show. I picked clips I still remember to this day.

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P.S. I checked out Gotham and people aren't even sure that was the Joker. I'm so glad I quit that show, Watching it made me realize I made the right decision. 

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