Thursday, February 19, 2015

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S2 E11
Case-of-the-week: A man who tried to save his people by taking a CIA agent as his prisoner so it would gain the attention of Americans. A leaking pipeline was making people sick, but in the end, it turns out it was the collaboration of an American pipeline and an Uzbekistani that caused this epidemic. Red had his endgame in sight the whole time. He would get rid of the American pipeline and replace it with a French one. New pipeline, sick people compensated, bad guys go away, and Red makes money for making the deal. Win, win.

Meanwhile, the guy who was killed by Tom on the boat was discovered and now Liz is in some deep shit especially since the big guy who babysat Tom is now talking.

Also, Aram couldn't help Liz with whatever she found in that stuffed animal, but he did say it was holding audio. My guess is Red is on that tape.

Did anyone else notice Ressler dropping hints of lovers' quarrel between Red and Liz? He even asked Red if he was in the doghouse. I just hope they aren't father/daughter or that would have been all kinds of weird.

S1 E12
I swear, just looking at Connor gives me panic attacks. I'm worrier too, but I do all my worrying in thought, not spewing so loud that Annalise would hear.

Case-of-the-week: I'm actually getting sick and tired of Annalise winning all the time and the way she won this one made me roll my eyes. I couldn't figure out why the guy would talk. He had more incentive not to talk because if he didn't, he would have gotten his green card. If this man was supposed to lay low, then why is he posting on Facebook. Just made no sense, but whatever Annalise is a genius and all that and she wins cases. This show should stick to what it does best--covering up murders.

I'm hoping that we won't just see the Keating 4 + Rebecca all sitting together and worrying the whole time because that's all we've seen them do so far when they're not working a case. Well at least Wes is trying to solve the mystery of the last owner of his apartment. If they didn't have Annalise, they would have been caught by now, but I still don't get why she's protecting them. I know she said it was because of her they're in this mess, but I'm just not seeing it at least not to this extent.

Bonnie has figured out everything and one thing I'm not getting is how did she figure out the kids were the ones who murdered Sam. Everything else connects the statue, the carpet, and she may have gotten Connor because of his car being there, but how everyone else? Is it because Connor said he was with the gang and therefore they must be covering for him. I'm going to go with that because nothing else makes sense. So is Asher now the only one who isn't in on it? No one should tell that douchebag. He would just yell it to the world. We already know he can't deal with injustice as we saw from the previous episode before this (wife abuser/kidnapper/rapist).

I will say this folks, I was shocked and stunned that Annalise and Frank setup Nate. I just feel so bad for this guy. He really didn't do anything wrong and I bet this will be the case Annalise loses. I guess she will only lose when it's convenient for her.

Guess what? Mama is coming home and I can't wait to see Cicely Tyson.

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