Saturday, February 14, 2015

Reign S2 E14 Diary

Dear Diary,

Sledding, you would think I would be having fun, but when you have to push everyone down the hill, sledding is no longer fun. They can't even get their butts up the hill. Lazy bums the lot of them. There was almost a dispute between Antoine and Bash. It seems Kenna is once again the center of attention.

Then I had to prepare for a family dinner to which DB Sr. was invited to. There, Catherine reveals that she has been poisoned by Henry's Bible. It's most likely what made the late King go mad and power hungry for England. Bash is on the case, but Catherine won't stop until the person behind it is dead. No one hurts her family, unless it's her (the whole Claude thing).

Mary's uncle is back in town and although he told everyone he was back for his position that Francis would never grant him again, he actually came back to woo Catherine. Why on earth would anyone want Catherine as a mate is beyond me.

I've heard that Francis doesn't enter the nursery if Lola is there. Me think he protests to much. Might there be something between Lola and him? I know Francis doesn't enter Mary's chamber anymore. Everyone knows that, so could he be getting his groove on somewhere else?

I had to prepare for another dinner party. They really need to stop having those. This time it was a farewell dinner for Conde. I heard a lot of yelling. A dinner can never be a dinner around here.

Luv ya,

P.S. I heard Mary's uncle died on the road. Well that courtship went nowhere.

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