Friday, March 6, 2015

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S1 E7
Okay so I'm speechless right now because Cole is dead and the Cole that we last saw is going to die so I'm just trying to figure out how we will see Cole tonight.

I'll tell you right now, I am not a fan of the whole "chaos is better than order" or "to have order we need chaos first" plans that some villains take on. It makes no sense to me so when we had a Snowden type traitor, the CIA thought it was a good idea to use the virus, Cole and Cassie have been chasing after this whole time, to take him out. What a brilliant plan! My sarcasm at its finest. They seriously chalked it up to they'll die before they can reach anyone and then what do you know, someone calls a medical helicopter because they're coughing up blood and the CIA were shitting in their pants because they didn't know this could happen. Really 12 Monkeys? I like your show and all, but don't give me that. You're better than that. I wasn't on board with the whole send a virus to kill people because it's inhumane and is something the U.S. wouldn't do. We have all kinds of ways to kill a group of people, this isn't one of them. I mean, Snowden is still alive hiding in Russia, we didn't send a virus to kill him...yet. But for a TV show, the government is always bad so I'll allow it, but I have to draw the line somewhere and that is line is stupidity.

Hopefully that's the last really stupid part of the show and tonight will amaze me on how Cole is still alive.

S3 E8
Chayton is finally dead. I actually thought no one could kill him. He literally had half of his stomach shot up and man was still breathing like he's was waiting for breakfast to come.

For a second I actually thought Hood was done with Banshee for awhile, but he does have unfinished business with Proctor and Siobhan wanted him to stay,

Speaking of Proctor man and his woman were taken and it's all because of Rebecca. I said it before and I'll say it again, if Proctor dies this season it's because of Rebecca.

Speaking of Rebecca, didn't she have a lovely scene with Burton? When she started flirting with him I said to my screen, "He has no penis" and what do you know. It doesn't seem that he has one. I only said it because that man doesn't seem like a lover at all, but is all fight. It was nice that we got to see a little of his background by showing us viewers how Proctor and him met. I guess that explains why he is so loyal to Proctor. He saved his life. But man is Burton built! So that's what he's been hiding under those suits.

Speaking of backgrounds, we also got a taste of Sugar's. If it's not for money or glory, it must be for love. Sugar always gave away his money to the son of a boxer because Sugar messed him up so badly he couldn't even speak anymore. Turns out the son was taking advantage of Sugar's generosity since his dead has been dead for several years. Thankfully, Job was there to set the record straight. Job might be a trans, but he'll kick your ass.

I'm actually really looking forward to the rest of the season because I can't wait to see the Colonel track down everyone. He already knows about Carrie's involvement. You can because of the way he placed his hand on the table. People, get ready for a lot of action coming soon.

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