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S6 E13
Man was I disappointed with this episode. We waited over a month to get one and it's a filler. Don't get me wrong, I love Sweeney and his wife (they're made for each other), but I wish what was happening outside of court was just as interesting. We're pass the procedural seasons so anything that adds nothing to the story is a pointless episode. The only thing we can take away from this episode was its ending with Alicia and Grace. Alicia realized she is no longer good anymore. She doesn't like who she has become and maybe this was a setup for the episode tonight. Maybe she might start changing for the better.

A lot of people are sick and tired of the campaign story and want Alicia to lose because of it. I actually think the opposite. I'm also tired of the campaigning and think Prady would make a good State's Attorney, maybe even a better one than Alicia since he doesn't degrade, nor lower his standards to get an endorsement, but I also think Alicia being the SA would make a great story, especially if she had to go against her own firm. It would be like when L/G was against F/A. More importantly, it would give Alicia and Finn a barrier since Alicia would be Finn's boss. Prady winning would just revert the story to back to where it was, making the whole campaign story-line pointless. But that's just me.

Case-of-the-week: Sweeney sued the makers of a movie that depicted him killing his wife (even though he did in fact kill his wife, he wasn't found guilty). They tried to prove that Sweeney did in fact kill his wife, but when Chumhum (which is also a client of F/A/L) was featured in their film without permission they knew they could get sued for millions of dollars so they backed down.

As for Kalinda, who seems to always be on her own as of late, she has been working for Bishop since she owed him one for helping her with Cary's case (even though she didn't need him in the end). She had to drive Bishop's son from school to his house. This is probably what I liked most about the episode because it made Bishop human. You can say a lot about Bishop, but one thing you cannot call him is a deadbeat dad. He loves his son more than anything and it was really nice to see that side of him even though it has been hinted at for seasons. People think Bishop will get Kalinda killed one way or another (who knows it might have to do with that car that follows Dylan), but I agree with those who think Kalinda won't die since Will just died not that long ago.

Hopefully this episode tonight will make up for last week's.

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