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Secrets And Lies Pilot Review

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Well this will be more like the pilot and 2nd episode review since we got to see 2 episodes in one night. I'll keep it short (or at least I'll try to). I liked the show, but I have to admit, I'm torn on whether I should trust this guy or not. Let me explain.

Summary: A man's life is turned upside down because he finds his neighbor's kid dead in the woods when he was out for a run.

This is another miniseries based on another Australian show. The show starts off with the man running in the neighborhood screaming for help. When he finally makes it back to the house, he calls 911 to tell them about neighbors kid. Great start if you ask me. Then we meet the detective who, to me, automatically assumes the man is guilty. I mean, girl was pressing him. Yes, she definitely has a strange personality, but she must see something I don't because she's just sending all vibes saying, "I know you killed the boy."

We find out the 1st episode that the media has already pinned the murder on him. Why? Because he found the body of course. No other reason than that. I'm sorry, but that's the only thing I'm finding hard to believe right now. Everyone is against him because he found the body running. Even the detective was suspicious about him running. Why today and not tomorrow? Really? People run it's not suspicious. Where's Team Castle when you need him? Even this would be too far-fetched for Castle. Anyway, media is harassing him and his relationship with his wife already seems crappy and it's about to get crappier. We find out by the end of the 1st episode that the man was the father of the boy.

The police believe the man killed the boy to hide the fact from his wife. The wife already knew the man cheated on her once 6 years ago so no surprise there, but it only takes one time. The man tells the detective he never knew he was the father and even the mother of the dead boy didn't know either. But it doesn't matter, the detective is still out to get him. I'm still trying to figure out why he would need the key (his eldest daughter used to babysit the boy so she had a key to the boy's house). I guess he could have sneaked into his room lured him to the woods and then kill him, but what does he gain by doing this? By the end of the 2nd episode, the funeral was held and everyone knows the man was the father.

For some reason, the police aren't concerned over the now ex-father, even though he has a violent past since he came back from tour. I have a feeling it's not him. He seemed to love his son, but war can mess a person up so who knows. Maybe he thought, if he can't have him, then no one can.

The reason why I can't fully trust the main character is because the night before he got drunk with a friend and can't remember anything from that night. So he may have done it and can't remember, or he could be totally innocent, or he's one of the best liars ever. One thing is for sure, the detective wants it to be him.

Cast: When I see Ryan Phillippe (Cruel Intentions, I Know What You Did Last Summer), I always think he'll talk with an English accent even though he's not English. When I see KaDee Strickland (Private Practice), I always think she'll talk with a southern accent which she actually does have. Juliette Lewis (National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, The Other Sister) is just killing it in this role. She is amazing and I knew she would be. You can doubt everything else in this show, but you can't doubt Lewis's acting capabilities. If you haven't tried the show yet, you should just to see how she acts in this role. New girl Indiana Evans (Blue Lagoon: The Awakening) is also in it. I think she looks too old and too hot to be playing the part of a teenager, but what do I know.

Judgement: I know I said I would try to keep this short, but oh well (shit happens). Try this show out. It's a miniseries that will only be 8 episodes long. So there are only 6 more left. So even if you hate it, it won't be a total waste of your time.

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P.S. I still don't have a real guess as who did it, but if I had to guess now, I would say either the wife or the youngest daughter did it. Why? I have no idea. I just think the wife knew about the boy being his son and since we found out she had an abortion, she wanted to level the playing field of hurt. Why the daughter? I'm suspicious about how she loves Christmas so much. I think she likes it too much. Yes, I know I'm crazy.

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