Sunday, March 8, 2015

Binge Update

Hey People,

So I've kept myself busy. I finished The Legend of Korra which was delightful. I won't be writing a review for it since I was just watching for fun, but if I had to rank the seasons it would go 3>4>1>2 Loved the show and love the universe. Would definitely watch another series if they ever choose to do another.

Still working on The Walking Dead. I'm currently on the 4th season and making my way slowly. I'm not really feeling the 4th season so far, but The Governor just showed up so things could get a little interesting. I'm really not liking Carol she needed to go, but I know she'll be back. Ranking so far 1>3>4>2

I also tried and just quit an hour ago The 100. I heard so many people raving about it and how this season is so good. I gave the pilot a try before, but thought there was too much teen drama. However, I tried it again just to make sure I made the right decision and now I know I did. I gave it 7 or 8 episodes and those kids were switching partners like there was no tomorrow. Well, there actually could have been no tomorrow for them, but still, I was a teen not that long ago (5 years ago) and that was definitely not happening as fast at a pace they were making it out to be. There were just too many love triangles and there was only 1 couple that I ended up rooting for. I didn't even like the protagonist. Octavia FTW. Her, Jasper, and Raven were the only ones I could tolerate, but it wasn't enough to keep me watching. Great concept, bad execution.

I felt like writing a lot so you'll definitely be getting a lot of posts today.

  • Hart of Dixie diary (most likely will come out today)
  • American Crime (haven't seen it yet, but will be checking it out today)
  • Battle Creek (I might save for tomorrow, depending on how well it does tonight)

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