Sunday, March 8, 2015

Why Hart Of Dixie? Why?

Hey People,

As you can see this isn't a diary and I was definitely planning on writing one, but I can't take it anymore. I started this blog to speak my opinion and that's what I'm going to do. I can't stand this 4th season.

I know it's only 10 episodes this season because Rachel Bilson is pregnant, but they are really ruining the show for me. I cannot stand what they did with AB, George, Lavon, and Lemon. They finally get Wade and Zoe right, but they ruined everyone else (except for Brick and Shelby).

Yes, I'm for George and Tansy, AB and Lavon, and Lemon on her own because I think we haven't met anyone who's her equal yet. If they wanted to try Lavon and Lemon out they should have done it in the early seasons like 1 or 2 but now that we're winding down, it just doesn't make that much sense anymore. The last time Lavon and Lemon were making googly eyes towards each other was the 1st season and now they want to revisit it. If this was an ongoing thing, then maybe I wouldn't be so against it, but seriously, I was astonished when Lavon ran to the cruise ship to stop Lemon from getting on. Where did that come from? I didn't want George and Lemon together either, even though I understand George running after Lemon more so than I do Lavon.

Out of all the relationships George has had, Tansy was the best of the bunch and I thought when we saw her back in some episodes they would rekindle what they had, but nope, they stuck George with AB. On paper they would seem great together and maybe if they tried this relationship out before this season I would be down for it, but again, we're winding down to the end and no one got time for that. I love AB and I love George as characters, but together I just find it forced to the point that I cringe anytime they're together.

Lemon should end up alone and that's not a bad thing sometimes. Lemon is a strong female character probably the strongest on the show and she does not need a man to validate who she is. Not everyone needs to end up with someone in the end.

Anyway, this is me venting. I'm not sure I even want to continue watching the show because it's becoming such a wreck this (last?) season. I may do what I'm doing for Helix and wait to see what happens at the finale to see if I want to continue.

Luv ya,

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