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S2 E18
Prostitution is no joke. If you haven't seen Very Young Girls I suggest you watch it. Changed my thoughts on girls in the game. Anyway Callie had to deal with one of her friends going back to her pimp. When it comes to these situations you can only give people their options, but it's up to them to make the choice, otherwise they'll just go back to what they were doing. They have to choose a better life, so I was a bit disappointed when Callie called in for reinforcement. The choice was practically made for her especially since her pimp sped off when he saw the cops. Will she stay at Girls United? Only time will tell.

Callie also now has to deal with the repercussions of her actions. Daphne came clean which then led to Callie coming clean to her moms, but she already told the judge she would live with her father. Stef was pissed at Robert for telling Callie to keep the kidnapping a secret from them and when Robert said Callie is his daughter I kind of wanted to punch him a new one. And what is Callie to the moms? A hood ornament? It is so on! Callie doesn't want to live with him anyway. The more he pushes, the more she'll want to stay with the Fosters. I also wanted to punch Callie's friend in. Rita has a lot of restraint and forgiveness because if a girl spat in my face, you best believe her face would be kissing the cement next.

Lena had to deal with the protest of the students, which Mariana is the leader. I would have done the same thing to those kids as Lena did. You take away their internet, you take away their life support. I know I go crazy if I don't have my internet. I seriously don't know what to do with my life. Usually I wold just go play video games or read, but if I don't have my electronics, then I can't do any of that. I would then most likely try to sleep the day away.

Off topic a bit but once my high school protested not against the administration but against Aramark. The prices for food in the cafeteria was just getting more expensive by the year. We ended up winning (they lowered their prices), but I still think they were ripping us off. So I can understand where Mariana was coming from. You have to protest in what you believe in. Someone will hear you eventually and someone did. The principal is planning on hearing them out. Lena better watch out. That principal is sending off vibes and the fact that they share a miscarriage together is only telling me there's trouble ahead for Lena and Stef.

Brandon sold his grandfather's signed baseball so he could go on tour. His father ended up buying it just in case he regretted his decision to sell. I don't think it was wrong for him to sell it, but I do think it was wrong for him to sell it without telling Stef he was going to sell it. As for Jesus going off to boarding school, he wants to go, but didn't want to leave Mariana behind. Jesus is a great brother (too bad I think he has no other better qualities). Mariana finds out and tells him she thinks this would be great for him. I'm just waiting for him to start packing up his bags.

And then there was Jude...and Connor. So it turns out Connor and Jude weren't making out with girls in their tent, but with each other and Connor was the one that made the first move. I swear Connor confuses me more than girls do and I am one. He seriously needs to make up his mind, not with his sexuality, but who he wants to be with because he can't continue playing everyone. BTW, I loved how Stef and Lena were talking about them. Best moment of the night for me.

S1 E14
OMG I love this narrator even more and I didn't know that was possible. The Woody Allen comment was spot on. I didn't even know he was the one who said that. So much happened last episode that I don't even know where to begin.

Let's start with Jane since it's her story. Jane makes a mistake when she becomes suspicious of what Rafael is up to. I was right, it was Zaz's twin brother and Rafael just got him back from the cartel. Jane thought there was a possibility Rafael might have been hiding his father. Jane and Rafael realize they don't trust each other because they barely know each other. They did just meet after all. I'm glad the show acknowledges it. I mean, they have been through a lot together already, but they haven't been together that long. They exchange those 3 words to each other and the show ends with Rafael asking Jane if they could live together.

Rafael had a lot on his plate. He needed to get his sister out of the nut house. He found out his step-mother killed his father. Jane didn't trust him. Also, Petra made a power play for his hotel and now that Luisa gave her voting rights to Petra, she's in control and is the new face of the hotel. Rafael is screwed, but at least his love life is in good shape.

Meanwhile, Jane's mom and Rogelio dad told each other how they really feel and Rogelio decided to stay and work on his nemesis's telenovela so he could be close to his family.

As for Luisa, the girl with the broken heart, she left to be with her true love Sin Rostro, who apparently has a new face now. I wonder who will play her now.

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