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I'm finally caught up to The Walking Dead.

S5 E15
We'll save Crazy Rick for last. Glenn confronts Nicholas and tells him its for everybody's best interest if he stays within the walls since all he knows how to do is run away. We find out that Nicholas is the one that took Rick's gun from the blender. Now I'm wondering who is he going to use it on.

Carl was getting all close to Enid. BTW, that was an awesome tree, just saying. Daryl and Aaron are looking for the person who writes "W" on the foreheads of walkers. This person is the same person who released walkers into Noah's camp and is doing the same thing to Alexandria.

Michonne and Rosita go out looking for Sasha, who is sick and tired of playing defense. Girl still isn't over her PTSD yet and I think Michonne and Rosita are both realizing what Carl and Enid already know. They should be out in the wild so they don't become soft.

As for Rick, he has lost his damn mind. Someone put it nicely when they said Rick is becoming Shane. Rick's biggest mistake was listening to Carol. The woman's solution to anything is to kill someone.

Little Kid: I broke a nail.
Carol: I need to kill you. You will only slow me down.

I understand where Rick is coming from. Their group isn't prepared for what's on the outside. They wouldn't survive because they haven't had it tough yet. They rather save themselves than help save someone else. However, you don't just kill a person just for beating his wife (as much as I hate wife beaters). Kicking him out is like a death sentence. Man wouldn't survive a day out there. He's a alcoholic wife beater. But the way Rick was talking sounded like Ricktatorship was back in full effect and Michonne was having none of it. So yes, I was Team Michonne. Someone had to shut Rick up before his mouth proved what Gabriel said about the group (being devils) was correct.

My Death Wishlist: Gabriel, Nicholas, and Carol

I hear Daryl may die tonight. I don't think he will, but I may be wrong. It would be sad if he does though. Hopefully, Morgan shows up tonight.

This is it folks. Tonight is the season finale, so don't miss it. You're most likely not going to because TWD is the most watch television show on TV.

S1 E5
Ben, oh Ben, why do you have to accuse everyone in your neighborhood? So far you have been right 0 times. I'm surprised the neighbors haven't kicked you guys out of the neighborhood. So the accusation-of-the-week was the neighbor with the mentally challenged son. Ever since the news people came to town, the challenged boy has been having a difficult time settling into his routine. He acts out because of it, but there's no way he could have killed the little boy because he's afraid of rain and the boy was killed while it was raining, so out that theory went. There was also a thing about the neighbor's other son, but he didn't do it either. Besides he called the police to confess to hitting mailboxes while driving drunk. He went to rehab and now the boy is clean.

It seems like the Detective is finally not viewing Ben as the prime suspect anymore when she receives a text from an anonymous person to visit Ben's house only to find a bunch of flashlights in his garage. The murder weapon was never made public. 

The paint job of "guilty" on Christy's car was Nat's boyfriend. I guess, I should say ex-boyfriend now. All because Ben wouldn't let him see his daughter. Yea, that's how you win him over, write guilty on his wife's car.

Christy admits she doesn't know what to feel with Ben because as much as she wants to be mad even though she still loves him, it's not about her because a child is dead. She's been hanging out with a client and who knows if she'll take her frustrations out on him, sexually. Nat get's in a fight with Jess because Jess just found out Nat wasn't actually babysitting one night and she let Tom see his father, but Nat owns her mistakes like her father taught her. As for Abby, she was uninvited to a party because of hitting the boy at the party last week and parents don't think it's safe to have her at the party. 

Potential Killers: My money is still on Abby (she likes Christmas too much), Dave (he knows more than he lets on, plus it seems he has nothing to do all day so he could have done it), or Christy (maybe that's she stays away from the house so much, too get away from what she's done).

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