Tuesday, March 10, 2015

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S4 E16
You have to read this (POI section) before we get started.

It's like POI read my mind and said we're going to bring Caleb back. I didn't even know it was him. I only knew that it had to be someone they brought back because of the music that was playing when they revealed the head honcho of the company. I googled and that's how I found out. Man looks good 2 years later.

What I feel, POI brings to life on my telly. We not only see the old players, but we're getting new ones as well. Harper (not her real name, but whatever) is the female version of Robin Hood. It would be real cool if her name turns out to be Robyn. However, instead of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, she steals from rich drug dealers and gives to herself. She only steals from criminals so you can't hate on her for that, but when she steals from Dominic, you best believe he's going to want his money back.

In the end, Dominic was impressed by her and even extended an invitation to join him. She has no allegiance to anyone so who she team up with is still up for debate. She's for herself, so I'm guessing she'll go for the winning side. Finch stole her ring, which even though she said it didn't mean anything to her, you could clearly tell it did, so she'll definitely be back in a later episode.

I seriously want a Team Machine. It'll be like the Justice League, where they can save people around the world and not just New York. It would be so awesome.

Meanwhile, Root is back and I'm not sure if the killer app was just something to get her through Caleb's door (most likely it was), but whatever Caleb is working on, The Machine wants in. Could Caleb be building another machine? Have I told you how much I love this show?


S3 E16
Bye-bye Chief Hater and hello Boden. I have to say I'm glad Boden's wife got sick of him and he's back, but I wish they would have come up with a better way to get rid of Chief Hater. I hate how everything comes back to the house being sued. This isn't the first time negligence is being claimed. Honestly, even if it wasn't a bad call to remove Truck 81 from the scene, the guy went in there even when the Chief told him to stand down. It's not negligence when he went in knowing the risk so I was kind of upset when a case was being created against them for that reason.

Welch may be a sexiest, but he's truthful. Even though I hate the guy I wouldn't mind if we saw him again in the house. Like I said before, he's a good firefighter.

I thought Beth could keep her mouth shut, but I guess not. Casey is done with her anyway. Well that was quick. As for Dawson, she went on a double date with Cruz and Brett. It didn't work out, but if Dawson only wants a friend, Mills is available. I'm just saying.

Speaking of Mills, he might be returning to Squad. If he does, who will fill in his place? Hopefully, Rafferty. I do miss her and wonder what she's up to for no reason at all.

Mouch lied to everyone and told them he met with his biological son. I'm pretty sure Trudy figured it out. It's up to Mouch and if he didn't want to meet up with his son, I don't blame him. It's anonymous for a reason.

I'm just throwing this out there, but when Brett told Cruz she would take Otis since Cruz felt uncomfortable about the double date, I was kind of on board with them being together as a couple. I don't really care for Cruz and Brett as a couple, but it doesn't bug me either, but Otis and Brett would be rather cute. It would definitely create a lot of drama if Otis started to fall for Brett and they share a moment together. Think about writers.

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