Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Good Wife S6 E15 Review

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Okay before we start let me hit you up with some facts. It is illegal in the United States to make 3D guns made from plastic. It's illegal because they are undetectable by metal detectors. It's actually quite scary that there are exceptions to the rule. As you can tell, I am not down for this at all. But there is no doubt about it, in this case, they all should have gone to jail especially the guy who made the gun from plastic and shot from it since it's illegal to do that in the first place and it's illegal to distribute the design so that guy should have gone to jail too. You need a license to make plastic guns with metal in them. Suing the manufacturer of the 3D printer was a stretch since that's like suing gun manufacturers for a gun that ended up killing someone. So I liked the idea of the case, I just didn't like how off base from the truth it was. At least the guy who was shot got $5 million from it.

What was really nice about this episode and should be mentioned is we actually saw some supporting cast members for more than 2 seconds (except for Kalinda and maybe you can add Cary to the mix, but the first half of the season was dedicated to him). I'm guessing it's because we had a case-of-the-week which I don't mind when they're good. I actually like episodes with them in it as long as it balances out with the serial aspect of the show (Person of Interest does this perfectly) so it's not dubbed as a filler. We got to see Diane and Kurt which I have to say are my favorite couple. I can't wait to see Diane go hunting next week and we also saw Finn who has been MIA recently. Then you had the great guests playing the opposing naive lawyer as well as the blood donor judge. I'm glad there's still animosity between Finn and Cary because Finn did try to put away Cary for 15 years so it can't be all sunshine and smiles.

Canning got his kidney transplant and apparently when he has drugs in his system he's a really nice and sweet guy. Too bad those drugs wore off. He wanted to give money to the family of the daughter who saved his life, but they wanted the money donated to a charity that could have been supporting Hamas. If so I agree with David Lee (I don't think I'll ever be writing that again) holding off with giving the charity the money. But it didn't matter in the end because like I said, the drugs wore off.

On the political side, Prady went after Peter and Alicia had to either defend her husband or be against him. At first, Johnny thought Alicia needed to be against him because it's not about Peter and Alicia, it's just about Alicia, but when Eli blackmailed Johnny telling him if he didn't support Peter he could kiss his new job goodbye, Johnny chose to back Peter. It actually took Eli's daughter, Marissa, to talk some sense into Johnny. So Alicia went against her husband and Johnny isn't going anywhere anytime soon especially now since he's Alicia's new lover. That kiss, that kiss, THAT KISS! Why couldn't we have seen more?

There has been some debate online on whether Johnny and Alicia have chemistry. I can tell you right now that I definitely saw it and I have proof (read my P.S.). But there are some people that don't see it at all. Maybe they're Finn supporters. I know some of them are and are upset that Alicia would just forget about the moment Finn and her shared (obviously she didn't forget since she was sexing him in her daydreams last week). I liked the idea of Finn and Alicia, but I like the idea of Johnny and Alicia more, but I really don't care who Alicia "ends up with" as long as it's not Peter.

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