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S1 E12
Okay so I'm confused. I thought when there was a paradox, it meant the thing of the future would disappear like the watch. So why is Cole still around? Is it different for humans? I thought the last episode would explain why Jones destroyed the cure because I still don't understand why she did that and it was a good opportunity to do that because we meet younger Jones (which BTW she looks a thousand times better) and I thought maybe this would explain her actions in the future, but nope. Still no answers for that question.

I know people think that this show is the best sci-fi show since Fringe and it's not. I definitely think Person of Interest should claim that title, but that's just me. When you have big plot holes such as the one suggested above or the scratch on the watch disappearing (which the only plausible explanation so far is the future changed so future Cole never puts the scratch on the watch) and you don't fill them, it ruins the show. Fringe had a way of hinting at things, but never revealing until they were ready and when they did, they would answer it in a big way and it would make sense. I can only hope that 12 Monkeys does the same.

Now there has been some talk on whether Jennifer is Cole's mother or half-sister. I don't think she's either. Cole was born in 2009 and Jennifer was born in 1987. That's a 22 year difference so if Jennifer's mother was 20 she would have been 42 with Cole and that just seems unlikely. Also Jennifer can't be Cole's mother either (although I like theory if she was). Jennifer didn't know about the 12 Monkeys until Cole told her about them and she's been repeating it ever since. Cole's mother already knew about the 12 Monkeys which is why she dropped Cole at his father's because she couldn't protect him. So there goes that theory as well.

This wasn't much of a recap so I'll try to sum up the penultimate as quick as possible. They needed to find 2015 Cole because for some reason his blood would save 2043 Cole. So Cassie gets the help of 2015 Jones, who is pregnant and smoking because she doesn't want to keep the baby. So Jones knew already how things were going to play out in 2015 (which makes me think why didn't she change up her game, by I don't know, giving Cole the cure). Anyway, Cole's father dies trying to protect him and Cassie and Jones leaves him in child services where he meets Ramse. I guess Jones being around younger Cole made her want to keep her baby so she quits smoking (for the time being). Also, Jennifer took over her father's business. And for some damn reason the red plant is growing on the splinter chair in 2043, but future Jones has a bigger problem to deal with--Deacon, leader of the West 7, is back and is helping a group of people with silver paint on their face get the splintering machine. One last thing Aaron...#whothefuckcares

I'm just hoping that this season finale brings us a really good conclusion to the 1st season. Something that will tell me don't cross this one off your list just yet. Fringe definitely did it. Hopefully 12 Monkeys can do it too.

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