Saturday, April 11, 2015

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S1 E9
I'm all for Jamie doing voice overs from time to time. I know the last episode definitely had to be from his perspective or people, including myself, would have found it hard to forgive Jamie for the spanking. I know there's a heated debate going on about the spanking scene and to me it seemed quite funny and I think that was the intent since the music in the background suggests it. Of course, I've been spanked in the past by my parents, but if it were my spouse, well let's just say they wouldn't dare. So props to Claire for fighting back. These 2 are hot even when they're fighting each other. At least Jamie knows now that the wife always has the last word when she kicks you out of the bedroom.

That sex scene though...that was something else. Jamie understood that his relationship had to be different with Claire and so Jamie did something he couldn't do to Colum, he pledged his loyalty to Claire. It's been awhile since I've seen The Gathering so I had to go back and watch. Actually, it gave me an excuse to go re-watch the 1st part of the season. Anyway, Jamie's pledge and truth about Claire's ring being a key to his home led to some hot steamy sex and...what's the point of me writing it. Just go watch it for the 1000th time.

So Hamish is Dougal's son, not a big surprise, but Dougal shouting it at Colum was. Over on the political side, Colum found out about the extra collection and he wasn't happy about it. He also wasn't happy about Jamie marrying Claire since it meant people are less likely to vote Jamie in as his successor. But the last thing the clan needs is a war among each other so Colum gave Dougal back the money to keep peace.

As for that bitch Laoghaire, she'll get what's coming to her. I get she's mad about the marriage, but to wish someone death is just wrong. Some people are upset that Jamie touched her boob, but in his defense, she placed his hand there and him being denied by Claire, which isn't an excuse, but since their marriage is unconventional, I can see why Jamie may think his marriage is only for name and nothing more. In the end, he denied her ass and had hot sex with his wife so all's well that ends well, that is, until they found that ill will.

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P.S. I know that the sex scene was shot before the wedding day, but I honestly couldn't tell because Claire's hair was so much curlier than usual and tight curls makes hair seem short, while loose curls make them longer and Jamie's hair is still longer than when we originally first saw him so I just didn't notice.

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