Saturday, April 11, 2015

12 Monkeys Season 1 Finale Review

Hey People,

Okay so every comment I have read about the finale has been positive. It's not like I was set on looking, but I couldn't find a negative comment/review so allow me to be the first. So let's start the rant.

I'm seriously starting to dislike Cassie. Yay, let me just shoot people because if they don't side with us then they're the enemy and must die. That is some messed up shit. I don't even understand why she was sent back when she's not immune to the virus so she'll just die. That was a waste of a splinter. Let me send her back so she'll die just not as quickly.

Jones is 10 times worse. She made a mistake. She better not be referring to her destroying the cure because if she is, then that was a horrible excuse and a bad writing for her character. Isn't she supposed to be smart? What is the woman's goal? To stop the disease from occurring? Send the cure back with instructions. You can obviously transport things back other than humans because her past husband kept sending her some dead red plant. I don't understand her at all.

My favorite character, Jennifer, who had some very awesome lines during the finale is working for woman who doesn't age and now she's spreading the disease. I'll let this one slide because all things come in time. But the other shit I will not let slide. Aaron is probably The Witness, which I predicted (if you don't see them actually dead, they're alive). And since Cole is a paradox he can control his own fate. So the watch theory was right, which means time is no longer in a loop, which is what I like about the show. I'm just starting to hate everything else. It really bugs me when something can be solved so easily when they had the cure. Anyway, Cole decides to save Ramse's life may have ended the time loop. We still don't know what will happen to Cassie. Maybe Cassie is still following her footsteps since Olivia didn't mention what happened to Cassie. She could eventually splinter back to her time and still die at the CDC.

With the 12 Monkeys finally showing up as kids and adults, I really want to see what happens there, but this show has 2 big problems for me: the cure and Cassie. I could maybe tolerate Cassie in the future (she's the Elena of The Vampire Diaries, everyone wants to save me, but I keep putting myself in harms way), but they should focus the 2nd season on Jones creating the cure and sending it back with Cassie to save as many people as possible. In all honesty, I don't really care what they do because I'm not going to watch.

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