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S1 E9
See I knew it, I knew it, I KNEW it. Okay so there was a lot of back and forth between the years 2017, 2041, and 2043. Let's work our way backwards shall we?

In 2043, Jones and people are taking the core, which I was against last week, but for the story's sake, it needed to happen. It was a bloodbath and as I saw all the dead bodies that laid on the ground all I could think was "This is so wrong." I just want to add in that I found it quite difficult to believe Marcus's father would just kill people that he's known for 10 years just like that. It didn't really make much sense to me. Anyway, Jones gets her core. Yay her, but we also find out she was hiding a piece of paper that had the CURE on it and we're talking about the recent one. She then destroyed it. "What the fuck are you doing?" If there's a cure for the recent and the past virus, then why don't you send both of them back in the past so they can prepare. This may not make a lot of sense: Jones may be smart, but she's dumb as shit. If you can't stop it from happening then at least prepare for what's about to happen. So now that bitch can't be trusted and because of Ramse's ladylove, he now knows that Jones is a liar.

In 2041, we find out how Ramse and Cole meet Jones for the first time and if it weren't for Ramse, Cole would have never taken this time traveling gig. I bet he regrets that one.

In 2017, Cole makes it out of the Russia and back to Boston to meet with Cassie. Cassie is dying, but you don't even notice until she starts to have a small cough and then kaput--she's dead. Cassie mentions a lot has happened in 2 years and Cole says what and she responds with a I can't tell you because it'll set you off course. Hold on. What? Isn't that the point of all this? If he's on course and the virus still gets out, doesn't that mean you want him off course so he can change the past? By all means, please tell him what's about to happen so he knows what works and what doesn't. First Jones and now you. It's like all the scientists took a stupid pill in this episode. But let me just add how I thought there was something more between Cassie and Cole this time around. There's always something more between them, but this time I felt it coming more from Cassie. Too bad now that Cassie is dead and Cole witnessed it that's all he can think about, which is why he sides with Jones instead of Ramse.

Okay now about that scratch, I have to admit when I saw it I was pissed off because I thought it wouldn't make any sense. Why would the scratch disappear? I couldn't think of a logical reason so I went to the comment sections to see if anyone had any ideas. They were mostly bullshit. Someone even mentioned that they were in a loop so it reverted back, but that's bullshit because if they were on a loop then we wouldn't have gotten that episode where Cole did actually change the future. Granted, he put it back, but the point of that episode was the fact that he could change the future or he would have went back to the same old, same old since regardless of what he did wouldn't have changed the future. Think about it. Finally, I did find a plausible answer. What if Cole does something in the future that prevents him from making the scratch in the past. Ha now that was clever, but then the writer brought up why did the scratch disappear at that moment and I thought he had a point there, but that could be due to future Cole changing the course right then and there. Anyway, I hope that's the reason.

A lot of people loved this episode and think it's the best of the season so far because it went dark, but even though I applaud the darkness, I can't get over these stupid pills. Someone mentioned that you shouldn't analyze a time travel show because at some point it's not going to make sense. That's some bullshit. Half the fun of these shows is guessing where it will lead to next. Fringe did time and dimension travel and they made sense and it was brilliant. So stop with the bullshit answers people.

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P.S. Wow that was a lot of writing glad this is the only show I'm recapping on Fridays right now.
P.P.S. I heard a great theory that suggest Ramse is The Witness, which kind of would be awesome.

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