Friday, March 20, 2015

Empire Season 1 Finale Music

Hey People,

Okay I know that I owe you guys a review and it's coming trust me, but while you're waiting you can listen to the beautiful songs that came out of the finale that I think deserve to be replayed.

I actually prefer the Terrance version even if it isn't clean because they're laughing in between. I probably prefer this version because of the way they played it on the show or it could be due to the fact that I love duets. As a bonus I've added another version of the song covered by a pianist.

"Nothing To Lose" - Jussie Smollett & Terrance Howard

"Nothing To Lose" - Jussie Smollett

The only Rita Ora song I know is "Black Widow" but at least I know who she is. Charles Hamilton I do not know, but I like the way he raps. He reminds me of J. Cole who I love. It's so funny how Empire promotes the artists only to see them for 2 seconds on the show. Wish I heard more of it then, but at least I can hear it now.

"NY Raining" - Charles Hamilton feat. Rita Ora

Love me some J. Hudson and hope she comes back for season 2 because her story-line isn't over with just yet. There is a rumor going around saying she isn't coming back, but it's not definite. It always comes down to scheduling. Juicy J is also on the track and no offense to Juicy J, but you weren't needed. 

"Whatever Makes You Happy" - Jennifer Hudson feat. Juicy J

Let us not forget this song that was either Empire making fun of 50 Cent's Power (which I have yet to see) or they could actually be talking about the power of Empire. I choose to believe the former just because it makes the song more clever.

"Power of the Empire" - Yazz

The review is COMING SOON!

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P.S. Now you can listen to all the best of the best music from Empire here.

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