Saturday, March 21, 2015

Binge Update

Hey People,

So I finally made it trough season 4 of The Walking Dead and now I'm on part 2 of season 5. Season 4 was brutal to get through I'm not going to lie, but it dd pick up by the end of the season. The show does much better when the group is together. For some reason I thought they were on the 6th season so I was shocked when I found out I only had 6 episodes left to watch to catch up. So I should be caught up before the season finale.

As I realized that I was going to be done with TWD, I tried to think of another show I could binge through. I tried Broadchurch, but since I watched Gracepoint, it was too redundant and I looked up online and it seemed to be basically the same thing just with that twist at the end. So out that idea went. I know many people like Broadchurch more, but just comparing pilots, I actually liked Gracepoint more. Broadchurch seemed to be moving at a faster pace, which didn't give me enough time to feel the feels, which is funny considering that Broadchurch fans consider Gracepoint to be too slow.

Then I tried watching Bloodline the new Netflix show and it was kind of boring. It looks like there will be a payoff, but I don't know if it will be big enough to make up for the lackluster pilot. But I may have to check in at the end to see the reason why they killed the brother.

So since the season finale is tonight I decided to finally start The Musketeers and the pilot was awesome so I'll stick with it. I'll try a few more just in case this goes south.

Luv ya,

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