Sunday, April 12, 2015

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S1 E6
Last time, Ben confronted Keven, the neighbor, because he thought he was behind all the hacker crap that's been going on since he worked for the government. Ben was right. Man thought Ben was guilty and actually ended up kidnapping him and tried to torture the truth out of him. But the truth is, at least for now, Ben didn't kill Tom. Kevin has been watching Ben for years and hated Ben because he slept with Jess, another soldier's wife. Kevin has some issues because obviously someone slept with his wife when he was away and now he's taking all his anger out on Ben. In the end, Kevin was caught by Cornell, who suspected Kevin all along.

At the end of the episode, Ben's reading his emails and opens up an unpublished article on his family. So he goes over to the reporter's place and was just about to beat the living shit out of him until the reporter tells him that he was just using the article to get Ben's attention and that he isn't after his family, but after Cornell.

I felt bad for Jess. Like Dave said, she has no one and Ben tossed her out like chick was nothing. I'm not saying start another affair with her, but it doesn't hurt to talk out in the open where Christy can see them at all times.

Possibly Killer:
  1. Abby
  2. Dave
  3. Christy

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