Sunday, May 31, 2015

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S2 E4
Ives and the gang try to piece together the artifact puzzle and figure out it's an autobiography written by the devil. Sir Malcolm believes it's the planning of the future for Ms. Ives. The gang are attacked by witches and escape with locks of Vanessa's hair for some ritual. 

Meanwhile, Dorian is running around with Angelique and playing table tennis. As for Caliban Mr. Clare, he's getting mighty close to the blind girl. Too bad her father is already thinking about locking him in a dungeon. Well if Mr. Clare gets with her than Frankenstein doesn't need to worry about getting with his cousin. Oh, you know what I mean.

The police still have no idea, what's going on, but for some reason the investigator thinks magic is involved.

S5 E7
Jon Snow sets off into Wilding territory to talk peace. Maester Aemon or who I like to call the old blind guy (I could never remember his name) dies. With Jon gone and Maester Aemon gone, Sam had very little friends at The Wall, which is why two guards tried to sexually assault Gilly. Sam wasn't having any of it and he tried to stop them, but it was the growl of Ghost that scared them off. Sam was badly beaten, but Gilly took real good care of him ;) I was rooting for Sam from the fight all the way to the bedroom. You go Sam!

There's no disputing it now. Sansa was definitely raped. She said so herself. Every night he comes (maybe I should have used a better word there) and every night she wishes to be saved. She asks Reek to help her by lighting the candle in the tower, but Reek goes to Ramsey instead. Damn it, Reek! Man is gone. He can die for all I care. I thought maybe he would save Sansa the first night, but nope. Then I thought maybe this time he will, but nope. I'm tired of giving this man chances. I hope if Sansa escapes she kills him along the way. She should pull a Tyrion and Brienne needs to come save her already. I wonder what her and Pod do all day other than staring out the window.

Speaking of Tyrion, my favorite moment comes when Tyrion and Dany finally meet. I love how Dany has no idea who he was. I love those moments when characters finally come together. Jorah offered Tyrion as a gift to Dany. How long until Jorah turns? I bet he'll ask to be killed first.

Stannis Baratheon is still going ahead with his plan to takeover the north even though 500 of his men up and left and his horses are dying. Melisandre tells him to offer his daughter up is the only way to win. What the fuck is this girl smoking? Stannis should listen to Davos and turn back. It's not a loss if you haven't even begun the war yet.

Cersei is an idiot. I knew this was going to happen. Why did she think the Sparrows would help her out and condone her sins as well? My friend says I have a lot of smh moments in my future when it comes to Cersei. The Queen of Thorns is trying to get her grandchildren out of jail and so she teams up with Littlefinger once again.

My friend and I were discussing this and we find the scene between the Sand Snakes to be stupid. My friend finds her becoming naked to be pointless and I can't find a reason why she would give him the antidote. He tried to kill you and you tried to kill him, yet you give him an antidote to save his life. Why? I like the guy, but there was no reason for him to live.

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