Saturday, May 30, 2015

Previously On Saturday...

Hey People,

WARNING: I just watched the finale and I'm just stunned. I can't move right now because I'm just filled with emotions. I got the feels bad! But in all seriousness this was an intense episode, it was so intense they had to warn you how intense it would be before viewing it. I suggest you have tissues in hand for when those drops from your eyes come because I didn't have any ready and I was just swiping my face like a windshield wiper.  To be honest, I cried the whole way through and I haven't done that since the shooting of the hospital in Grey's Anatomy. It's been that long! Yes, I cry in shows sometimes, but rarely do I cry throughout the episode. You really need to be mentally prepared for this episode. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!

The review for the finale will come out after it airs. This is a Previously On... so let's talk about what happened previously on Outlander. I usually like re-watching this show, but this time not so much. Although compared to the finale, this seemed easier to digest this time around. I'll save you from the gritty details.

Jamie is in prison waiting to be hanged when Black Jack shows to hold of his hanging. Meanwhile Claire and gang are cooking up a plan to save Jamie. Jack offers Jamie a deal. He can't save him; however, he's willing to give him an honorable death if he submits his body willingly to him. At first Jamie basically tells him to fuck himself off, but when Claire tries to save Jamie and Jack catches her, he makes a deal with Jack that he will submit if he let's Claire go. That's the gist.

Did I forget to mention Jack was torturing him the whole time? His hand was hammered upon and nailed to a table. It was so hard to watch and it still fails to compare to what I saw in the finale.

Watch, but be prepared and check back here when it's over so we can discuss.

Luv ya,

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