Sunday, May 10, 2015

Secrets And Lies Season 1 Finale Review

Hey People,

I got the feels on this one y'all. I was dropping tears like bombs. I didn't even know it was going to hit me like that, so when I went to my usual places for feedback on the show, I mostly saw people with questions and criticism, the bad kind. I've decided to take on the top complaints.

So I was right Abby was the killer. She was one of my suspects from the beginning. I thought she liked Christmas way too much. Anyway, by the end of the episode, Ben took the blame for killing Tom and so he went to jail. A lot of people had problems with this, but I didn't. Would I have done the same thing for my kid? No. It would actually be better if Abby confessed because she's too young to go to jail and therefore would have to seek psychiatric help because obviously girl has problems. But the reason I didn't have a problem with it was because I understood when it comes down to it, parents want to protect their young, even if that means going to jail. Ben and Christy thought it was their fault that their child had "accidentally" killed someone, whether it was because of the overheard fight or because they had raised her, they felt the need to fix it. This is why when Cornell told Ben there were 6 blows to the head, Ben didn't take back his confession because at the end of the day, he thinks he was a bad parent. But what I think most people are forgetting is that Abby lied to her parents. She told them it was an accident, now if she told them she did it on purpose, it would have been a whole other story. I'm pretty sure they would have listened to Natalie and called the cops on her ass.

Why did Abby put the flashlight back in Ben's truck? Abby isn't stupid. I mean, she did plan a murder after all and tried to cover her tracks, but why would she implicate her father by putting back the murder weapon? Abby told her parents that she put it there so Cornell would find what she's looking for and go away. I think Abby knew Ben would try to get rid of it and therefore she wouldn't have to worry about it.

How come the cops didn't find the bloody shoes in the guest house? Me thinks they didn't include the guest house in the warrant since Dave lived there, but that's the only logical explanation I could come up with.

Someone else noticed that Abby used a key to get in Tom's house, but the door was already unlocked. The door being locked and unlocked isn't really such a big deal. The big deal is Abby locked it when she was leaving, implying that the killer must have had a key.

The ending didn't really feel like an ending and thankfully the show was renewed. Now people are guessing if they'll keep the same cast or go with a new case for Cornell to solve. I say stick with this one. I feel like the story isn't over yet. I went online to see the extra clips and it definitely makes me think that Cornell won't stop until Abby is locked up.

There has been a huge debate online on whether Ben is dead. He's dead people. Cornell said "loved" if you listen to the clip, meaning she's speaking in the past. Besides Ryan Phillipe (Ben) has said that he was only doing 1 season. Nothing is ever written in stone and the clip was distributed online so it doesn't necessarily mean it'll stick, but it doesn't matter to me if Ben is alive or not. I just want to see who can outsmart who. If Abby wasn't 12 years old, this would be much more believable. Some people think Ben was killed on the inside (prisoners don't like people who murder/assault children), while others believe Ben probably stuck his nose where it didn't belong like he did his own neighborhood and that got him killed. I prefer to believe the latter. A few think he committed suicide, but Ben doesn't seem like the suicidal type.

I'll definitely be back for another season with this one.

Luv ya,

P.S. I'm glad we got see Cornell show some emotions this episode.

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