Monday, June 22, 2015

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S3 E2
It was Father's Day (I hope you guys had a good one with yours) and all the kids got with their respective father figures in their life. That means Brandon with Mike, Callie with Robert, Mariana with her grandfather, and Jude with his father, Donald.

Callie still hasn't told the moms about her being fired, but she gets a call from AJ about how he was arrested for tagging, but it was a tag of his bat signal to his brother. Callie decides to help him out again by getting Stef involved and Stef then gets Mike involved. In the end, Mike decides to get his foster license so he can foster AJ, but in the meantime, AJ will be living with the moms. I was like "Where the hell are you going to put this kid?" But then I remembered Jesus is gone so there's an extra bed available. BTW, now I kind of wish Jesus was dead. I mean I definitely wouldn't want to deal with the morbid atmosphere of it all, but the whole adding Jesus to everything (Jesus says hi, it's also from Jesus crap) is getting annoying. You can always go down the road of acting like he doesn't exist, but I heard Jesus will be recast. I'm thinking the accident messed up his face so much that he changed into a whole new person.

Brandon got played by his so called friend at camp. He was set up to make it look like he wasn't committed to his composition. I think for now he'll still be working for that bitch, but just more cautious of who he friends.

Mariana was invited by her grandmother to come to a family gathering and Ana was also invited. At first I thought Mariana didn't want to go because Ana said she needed some space, but it turns out that Mariana was just embarrassed of her mother. Ana was also embarrassed to meet her siblings again, but eventually they walked in together side-by-side. Mariana also confessed to Ana that she slept with Wyatt and not her boo. Ana told her maybe she should tell her moms. I say no. Why should she? If she's not pregnant and doesn't have a disease, I say no. The only person she should tell is Mat.

Jude was dealing with Donald all day. He didn't want him to know that he was gay and he also didn't want other people to know that Donald was in prison. Connor's father also didn't want other people to know about his son being gay. He said he didn't want him to come out because it will be harder for him and that it's better to wait until later in life, which is true, but like Lena said, that ship has sailed. Connor's father was upset, but Donald set him straight. Donald didn't care that Jude was gay and he doesn't care that Jude doesn't want people to know he was in jail. Callie was still upset with Donald. She blamed him for her mother's death. Yet, it was Robert who set her straight stating he wasn't perfect either. He admits he cheated on his wife and that's what led to their separation. Robert reminds Callie that Donald was there for her when he wasn't and that she can't blame him for everything. He will always feel guilty about the car accident. I say, he already paid for his crime. It's time to let go. We got to see a great moment where Callie and Donald hug it out. And that was that!

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