Sunday, June 21, 2015

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S2 E7
What is with this hut of a house? Anytime we see this place, we get an amazing episode. A whole frickin episode dedicated to Ethan and Vanessa and I loved every minute of it. This makes up for the sex scene we were depraved of the week before. Although some may disagree, I'm happy they still haven't bedded each other yet. I don't mind the wait even though sometimes it kills me, but I didn't feel like last week was the right moment. Maybe because the music was pulling me out of the moment. The music was freaking me out actually. The demon inside Vanessa stopped anything from happening because it knows what's up, but we'll get to that later. Anyway, I like Ethan and Vanessa together because they both have their demons/monsters they have to deal with. If only Ethan confessed about his own inner demon. It may have not been the right moment for sex, but there definitely a moment for him to confess. By the end of the episode, Vanessa got vengeance for the Cut-Wife by killing the guy who lit her on fire. She opened the book Joan told her to open only when she finally turned away from God. Now Ethan thinks Vanessa's soul is forever lost and he was planning to kill the guy for her just so she wouldn't become a nightcrawler like Mrs. Poole. Too late for that.

Victor and Mr. Lyle had a great conversation back at the house that summed up the show. I think I got the gist of it. Vanessa is a natural witch, who has a demon in her. The Devil wants this demon as his wife, and therefore, wants Vanessa. If the Devil and the demon unite, the world shall end. Ethan is the Hound of God, aka werewolf, sent to kill the Devil and possibly all bad things including Vanessa. However, Vanessa and Ethan are falling for each other. I love it.

Meanwhile, Victor is still jealous as ever and Sir Malcolm is still being manipulated. Some people are finding it hard to believe that Vanessa and the others can't tell something is wrong with Sir Malcolm; however, I think they do. At least, they know that something has changed and it has to do with Mrs. Poole. As for Victor, he really needs to get over himself, but at least with this creation of his, he created a true monster. Jack the Ripper would have been scared of Lily. I really liked the idea that Lily is evil and not so innocent. Now I can buy the fact that she's so aggressive. I guess I just had to be patient.

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P.S. Does Vanessa not put salt in her food and does Mrs. Poole make dolls because she knows it will freak Vanessa out?
P.P.S. I could watch that montage over and over again.

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