Saturday, June 20, 2015

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S2 E2
I am not liking what is happening with my favorite couple. Jamie isn't trusting Angela and Angela is checking up on Jamie's background.

Jamie lost his club to Stern and can I say, I am really surprised that Jamie didn't own the place and was actually renting. The money he was making, he should have had enough to buy the landlord. It's odd because Jamie is such a planner and this is something he should have thought about before. Anyway, Stern is now Jamie's landlord and he made deal with Jamie that if he reaches 20% in profit Stern will give him a number for Jamie to buy him out. However, Stern put Josh in charge so he wouldn't ever reach that number and in return Josh keeps Truth. Stern just wants to learn Jamie's tricks to the business. What a douche.

Angela flipped Ruiz's daughter, which is illegal since she's underage, and got her to finish the sketch. Tommy came up as a possible match and Angela figured out ex-boyfriend's password so she could listen for Tommy's voice. Ding-ding-ding, we have a match.

Kanon revealed himself to Jamie and people. I thought Jamie knew Kanon ordered the hit on him, but I guess I was wrong. Jamie is just suspicious that Rolla didn't do it and Kanon is trying to cover his tracks.

Jamie and Tommy are having drug problems. They can't move the stuff fast enough and gangs don't want to play nice with each other. Tommy also has to deal with Holly and her annoying ass. Ugh, why couldn't she just die?

But of all this doesn't matter because Jamie and Angela are going to Miami together and I have to say that the next episode is the best of the season so far. Jamie and Angela's relationship has always been the driving force of the show and I'm glad that tonight's episode is dedicated to them. Miami was definitely needed, but I will say Jamie has a huge decision to make by the end.

Luv ya,

P.S. A new relationship is brewing and I'm liking it.

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