Sunday, June 14, 2015

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S2 E6
Party, party, party! There was a ball last week and all the players were invited. The writers teased us yet again with Vanessa and Ethan. I seriously thought that maybe Ethan would show up at the last minute, but when I saw that he wanted to be chained, I knew what type of moon was showing that night. Then I thought maybe Vanessa would make it back in time for the transformation, but nope, girl faints on the dance floor before that could happen.

Dorian hosts a ball for Angelique as a coming out party and everyone was there except for Ethan, Sembene, and John Clare. Actually. I'm surprised that when Vanessa was turned down by Ethan that she didn't ask John. She taught him to dance. I guess she didn't think he was a good enough dancer, but damn wouldn't it have been nice to see John, Dorian, and Victor pining after Lily. Anyway, Dorian obviously recognizes Lily since he had sex with Brona last season and Lily has an inkling that she's met Dorian before. Dorian and Lily forget about their partners, Angelique and Victor, for a moment and start dancing with each other. It only took a moment for Victor to become jealous. I'm guessing this is why he stays single. He even pulls Lily to the side and starts reprimanding her. He needs to learn to stay cool like Angelique.

Sir Malcolm, of course, invited Mrs. Poole to attend with him, Her 3 daughters were also there mind fucking Vanessa the whole time. People are starting to notice Sir Malcolm changing. When he was told about his wife slitting her own throat, he was happy. Enough said. Vanessa had a talk with Mrs. Poole stating the change started with her and girl acted like she didn't have a clue what she meant. Did I forget to mention Sir Malcolm shaved his beard? Very suave. I'm used to seeing Timothy Dalton like this.

Meanwhile, Ethan and Sembene are at home preparing for Ethan's transformation and now Sembene knows his secret. As for Mr. Clare, well I thought him and the blind girl would get together, but now that she's freaked out by his cold touch and told her evil parents about it, I take back what I said.

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