Saturday, July 25, 2015

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S2 E6
This season is shaping up to be better than the 1st season. As I stated last time, I love how Angela has the upper hand now and even though she does, she still can't stop loving James and James can't stop loving her as Tasha pointed out. Tasha, by the way, was on point with her assessment of the situation. She totally was the girl he settled for, but at least now she can finally be okay with sleeping with Shawn, which I'm still not okay with personally. However, Tasha did give the go ahead for James to continue to sleep with Angela to ensure the protection of James and herself, but I'm pretty sure he would have continued to do that regardless of Tasha giving the OK sign.

Angela asked Holly to look for evidence that would incriminate James, but nothing pans out. This is the first time that I actually liked Holly in the whole series. Most of the time I'm always wishing she was dead, but this time I actually did want her to stay for Tommy's sake, but when I watched that ending, I clearly changed my mind. Holly came clean about her working with the feds to clear Tommy's name as Ghost and when Tommy got upset, she told him to choose between her and Ghost. Good thing Tommy was handcuffed because I'm pretty sure he would have killed Holly right then and there. Now Holly has become the most interesting character to me. I don't know what her next move will be. Ghost wants her gone and Tommy chose Ghost, so the only thing I can think of is her either taking the money and ticket Ghost gave her and escaping on her own or she fights back and teams up with Angela to take Tommy and Ghost down. The only thing is I don't think the latter would work too well since she's no longer in Tommy's good graces.

Can't believe Greg hasn't confronted Angela yet. From his point of view, it looks like she works for Ghost and crew. At least, he knows Angela is lying to him.

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