Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Previously On Tuesday...(Special)

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S2 E5 & E6
So last week was finally what I've been waiting for--a great episode. I felt like this season has been lacking for me a bit and finally I watched an episode where action was front and center. Barry is no longer going to sit on the sidelines and is finally going to fight back. He can go kill Ihab, I don't care. Killing innocents is just not cool, so I'm okay with him dying this season and Barry can take down his little friend too. That way Barry can take the operation over and it will be brother vs brother. In other news, the 2nd wife was taken again by the rebel soldiers (maybe Barry can save her this time) and the 2 sons joined the army. I love how the father told each of the sons to look out for the other. Let's not forget that Sam and Molly are back in Abbudin. Scratch that, let us forget because I still don't care what happens to them.

Now in last night's episode, we had once again a great episode. Barry is starting an army against the regime and the Caliphate and I really can't wait until Ihab's lunatic of a friend gets killed. I guess you can add rapist to the list as well. But I'm pretty sure most people will only remember this episode as the episode where General Tariq meets his demise. It was bound to happen and no one is going to miss him. But damn, getting your head smashed in by a wannabe Eiffel Tower statue is definitely one way to go and for him, it was fitting. Now make way for Jamal's new and improved son to take over as general. Did you see the way Sibylla was looking at him? Something tells me she thinks he's new and improved too. Sam went to find Abdul (and they say lesbians have it bad) and he finds out that he's been captured and it would take a lot of money to be released. Luckily, Sam might have the money, if the judges rule in his favor. I just hope he knows not to give all his money away.

P.S. I just thought of this, but why is the lawyer helping Sam? He doesn't know the law of Abbudin. He can't even practice in Abbudin since he doesn't have a license there unless Abbudin has a law that says if you got your license from another country that's just A-OK with us #sarcasm He must really want to get into Molly's pants.

S1 E3 & E4
Scream is a 1000x better than Pretty Little Liars. I just hope Scream already knows who the killer is and it isn't some random person like PLL. Okay so I was wrong as to who will get killed next and I actually pegged the Asian girl as the killer during the episode, but that was thrown out the window by the end of the episode since she was the victim of the week, last week. Emma didn't want to play the killer's game and so he found someone else to play with, but when Emma realized the what the killer was up to, the killer made her choose between the good girl and the bad girl. She chose the bad girl because she thought the good girl would be safe at the police station, but she didn't count on the good girl also being the dumb girl and leaving the station. Good/Dumb girl is now dead and now Noah will be left blue balled forever. Oh well. In other news, Emma knows the truth about her mother being Daisy, but still doesn't know why the police are seeking her father out. She's smart, she should be able to figure this one out. The bromance on the show is on the rocks and now they don't trust each other.
Next victim: the teacher , Killer: ?

Now for last night's episode, no one died. I lost hope that it would be the teacher when I realized in the beginning of the episode that he wasn't going to be in this episode. I still have hope he'll be the next victim. Anyway, the killer leads some breadcrumbs for Emma and the gang to follow and they discover his faux lair. They also found Tyler's head so the police now know he's not the killer and the killer is still out there. Will and Jake are blackmailing the mayor. Me thinks that little group has been blackmailing a bunch of people with their sex tapes to make fast cash. Will didn't want to continue, but will continue so he can attend Duke. Jake, I guess, does it for fun or boredom. Can Jake die too?
Next victim: the teacher or Jake (I don't care which) , Killer: Podcast girl (she wouldn't have a job if it weren't for the murders)

P.S. I love how this show made fun of PLL. Actually, I love how the show has pop culture references and the violins in the background for suspense are off the chain.

P.P.S. Oh and Emma's dis-flowering was sent to everyone, who had a phone.

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