Saturday, August 1, 2015

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S2 E7
For a second there, I thought Angela would get duped again, but she pulled one over on Jamie. It seems like when it comes to mind games Angela wins. This is such an interesting relationship to me because I've never seen on TV, a relationship not built on trust, but solely on love. Neither of them trust each other, but they still love each other anyway.

Angela finally finds Holly after Jamie tells her the new name he gave her. When Angela encounters Holly, Holly tells her a lie about how she wanted to protect Tommy by stating Jamie was Ghost. Jamie already was in contact with Holly and told her to lie to Angela about who he really is. Angela vows to keep going after Tommy to get Lobos. Now that Jamie knows Ghost isn't who she's really after, will he be more willing to help her and come out with the truth?

Tasha wants a divorce from Jamie. The problem is she signed a prenup and if she initiates the divorce she'll lose everything (that's a really nice clause to have in a prenup, just saying), so the divorce attorney tells her to stay married and live separate lives, which is basically what they're doing now. Tasha and Shawn are getting hot, even though I'm not into them. Jamie figures out Shawn is hiding things from him and assumes it's because of Kanan.

Tommy is paranoid and has every reason to be since Angela is on his ass and I'm wondering if this is the end of Tommy and Holly. Will we see Holly again? Now that Angela copied Jamie's phone, she has to find out the truth now, right? None of it is admissible in court since she doesn't have a warrant, but the look on her face will be worth it. Even better, the look on Jamie's face when he finds out she knows everything will be priceless.

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