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S3 E7
I am so, so, so glad the grown ups are putting Callie in her place. Like seriously. she has a brother complex because anytime there's a guy in the house she stays in, she falls for them and AJ is just another one of her victims. Although, this time it's not as serious. Callie isn't in love with AJ and she's not even sure if she likes him in that way and I feel like I'm already sick and tired of this story-line being played out. I like AJ's story-line of being a foster kid and finding his brother (we'll get to his brother in a minute) and I also like the developing story-line of Callie now that her adoption is once again in question because of the restraining order Stef took out on Brandon to make sure Brandon stayed away from Callie, but I don't like AJ and Callie's story-line. It just seems too redundant. Yes, you can argue that AJ will never be Callie's brother, but it's just so close to home, literally, that she might as well see him as a brother. I don't think she should jeopardize her progress over an attraction.

I might as well tell you what I've been hearing. Word on the street is Callie and Brandon will rekindle their relationship once again. I've been hearing this for quite some time now and I thought we would see it play out when Callie and Brandon went to Mexico together (which was an horrible and out of nowhere plot that should have never been created), but it was all hype so I'm not so sure about this time being any different, especially since Callie admitted to AJ she is no longer in love with Brandon and the Callie and AJ romance barely even started. However, maybe the reminder of the restraining order will open old wounds, so there still is hope and I rather see Callie and Brandon than Callie and AJ. Yet, in the end, all of this romance for Callie just makes her seem fickle.

As for AJ's brother, he is a race baiter. If something is wrong, he'll play the race card. AJ can't date Callie. Why, because he's black? Mike wants to take AJ in. Why, because you feel the need to help a black kid? I really hate this guy. Yes, sometimes it is about race, but don't automatically assume it's about race or you're a race baiter. I like and hate AJ so if he goes with his brother, it won't be a total lost, but at least I won't have to hear AJ's brother run his mouth again.

Just when you thought he was your friend. Brandon, once again. gets backstabed at camp. The good news is he vows to out beat his backstabber. This song really puts in perspective what happened to Brandon at classical music camp.

Mariana wanted to be the godmother of her new baby sister, the thing is she isn't baptized. Religion was front and center in this episode and I will say this only once. There is nothing wrong with someone wanting to go down the religious route. Actually, I was kind of against what Lena and Stef were saying in the beginning about denying Mariana the chance. If I were them, I would allow Mariana a chance to learn the religion first to see if she would really want to commit full-time to it. I advise everyone to try out religions and see what works for them and if none work out, it's okay. Some need religion and others don't. No harm, no foul. Lena and Stef give Mariana permission to be baptized, but it turns out it wasn't necessary because Mariana couldn't get behind the church. If her mothers were considered sinners for loving each other, then she wanted no part in being baptized, even if it means she can't be the godmother.

Ana didn't show up to the baptism and in the end, it turns out that she's dealing with depression and doesn't want to keep her baby. She offers the baby again to Lena and Stef. I'm not sure if they're going to keep her or not because Ana is dealing with depression so it could pass. Lena, Stef, and Ana's parents agree to help Ana. Let me just add here that I think Mariana's birth grandfather is a douche (loved him on Ugly Betty, hate him here). If you're not baptized, then you're going to hell. Isn't he so nice?

Baby talk brings up Lena's baby tree and it got Lena to admit to Stef how much she hates the constant reminder of her miscarriage. I don't know if they're going to make like George Washington and cut down the tree, but it got me thinking maybe they will take Ana on her offer. Just until she gets better.

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