Tuesday, August 4, 2015

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S2 E7
Damn that was intense and I loved it. I knew by the end of the episode that Samira was going to end up dead. Either she was going to change her mind, which I doubted because of her husband, Ihab, or she was going to die because they was no way Barry was going to die. I'm glad that for her swan song they gave her a great story to go out on. I was tearing up when Barry stuck a knife in her for the 2nd time. Mercy kills are the worse. At least, Daliyah and Barry got out safely. Sadly, they didn't stay safe for long because they were hit with a bomb 2 seconds later.

Molly moved on pretty quick. I knew that lawyer was trying to get into her pants. I should be mad, but I'm not since I'm starting to ship Daliyah and Barry now. Do they have an official name yet? I have to check into that.

Nusrat lost her baby, but I'm not really surprised and I'm pretty sure she plans on killing herself. Me thinks this is how the new son steps and saves her from her demise.

As for Sammy, well, he was too late on saving Abdul, but he's willing to invest the $10 million he'll receive from Jamal in the Red Hand, the organization led by his dead father, but only if he meets with them. This'll be good.

P.S. Why does everyone hate on Emma? Even Jamal admitted that Sammy was his favorite. What's so great about Sammy? I hope next season Emma plays a bigger role. She's due.

S1 E5
Okay so I guess they're not killing people every week. I think it would be cooler if they did, but I guess they would run out of characters pretty fast. Emma and Will broke up and is a shock to no one. Emma and Kieran hooked up also a surprise to no one. This is the first TV show I've come across where I don't like either of the options. Hence, Will and Kieran can both die and I wouldn't give 2 shits. Speaking of Kieran, who brings a gun on a date? If he did that to me I would have kicked him in the nuts and start running in the other direction.

Audrey and Noah did some snooping and found out all 3 of the teacher's assistants are dead and now they think the teacher is the killer. I know this is a red herring and I'm glad it is because that means there is a huge possibility that he might be the next victim. I am so happy.

Brooke and Jake were in "the truth will set you free" mode and started telling secrets. Brooke told Emma that Will only talked to her as a bet with Nina that he could bed her in a month. Emma didn't take to kindly to that and dumped him as we all know. That guy just lies left and right with that girl. Jake didn't really tell the truth, to be honest, that guy straight up lied to Brooke about Tyler, Nina, and Will being the ones behind their dad's video. Jakey, Jakey stop lying, we all know you were involved too. It is heavily implied that Brooke's mom was killed by her father and that's why Brooke can't get a hold of her, but watch it be a Christmas tree or a blow up doll. I did see feet, so I'm leaning towards a blow up doll. But I think it's just another red herring and the father didn't kill anyone. A blow up doll is just as damaging to a politician.

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