Tuesday, August 11, 2015

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S2 E8
Well it was no surprise that Sammy met his father, but what I don't get is why does he want to stay? He acted like he didn't care for Barry when he thought he was dead and now all of a sudden he wants to stick around. Everyone does deal with grief differently, I guess this was his way.Molly isn't going to be happy about this but #whothefuckcares I'm just wondering now if Sammy is going to tell his mother that Barry is alive. I bet he won't tell her until she sleeps with the lawyer and when I say sleep I mean sex.

Jamal no longer trusts his new and improved son because he decided something without him. I think Rami made the right choice. He was just verifying the info. Now Jamal wants to be the only one to speak to Barry Khalil. I can't believe Jamal didn't recognize his voice. I don't care that Barry used a scarf to try to muffle the sound. It sounded the same damn thing to me. Now Jamal and Barry will work together to take down the Caliphate. I'm not sure if Barry will still have an inside man after the stunt he just pulled. He did almost kill his inside man. He may not want to go a 2nd round with death.

As for Nusrat, she will be a soon divorcee. If you can't make an heir than you might as well get out. I thought Leila would have just told her that Ahmed can creep now and have a bastard child. I didn't think she would have to quit being his wife. But it doesn't matter to me because I'm rooting for Rami and Nusrat and I think her getting a divorce is another step closer to it.

S1 E6
Sadly, Mr. Benson wasn't the victim-of-the-week and neither was Jake, but at least one pretty boy got stabbed. I'm talking about you, Will. I thought he was going to die, but the killer just took him for hostage, which is not cool because serial killers have rituals and this makes no sense, but we'll see where it leads us. Will was trying to be the good guy for once and gave back the money and video the group blackmailed Brooke's father with. The thing is killers don't care if you're good, well, except for Dexter.

So Audrey was the red herring of the week and I feel like it's a complete waste of time talking about what happened to her last week since she didn't kill Nina and will have no impact on the rest of the season, so I won't. Instead, I'll mention the flashback we witnessed. Daisy didn't think the guy from next door did those murders, which means she's most likely right. So who did? Maybe it was Emma's father. Maybe he's back in town scaring the shit out of his own kid. Who knows.

I was wrong about the podcast girl being the killer or was I? Maybe she has a twin and they planned this together. Either she has a twin or the deadbeat father is back in town.

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