Wednesday, August 12, 2015

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I haven't had a Wednesday show since Empire went on hiatus. But it's good to be back. I binged through Mr. Robot and think it's quite an interesting story and definitely has a lot of story to tell. It reminds me of Dexter and I know I'm not the only one that has made that connection. Elliot is basically the cyber Dexter, except he doesn't kill people, but you get the feeling that they would have been friends. Anyway, it's on my list now.

S1 E7
Last week opened with Elliot meeting Shayla, which is just cruel because Shayla's dead. I'm going to miss her. I actually liked her, but I think this was needed because Elliot now knows first hand that hacking someone and setting them up has repercussions. He finally comes clean to his therapist what he truly is and I'm hoping that the therapist doesn't dump him as a client. I think this can be a great start to a beautiful relationship. Can I just add that the therapist did not seem like someone who is into anal porn. You never know a person until you see their porn collection that's what I always say.

Angela was busy making a deal with Colby. In exchange for her false testimony of her breaking chain of custody, he'll testify of the evil doings of Evil Corp that led to her mother dying. What I don't understand is how will her breaking chain of custody will undo the damage already done when the evidence against him is so incriminating. I mean, the file says it came from his computer. I don't see how Angela confessing changes anything against him.

Darlene and gang have a huge meeting with White Rose. Mr. Robot says he has a plan, but #whothefuckcares about Mr. Robot. He's the worst character of this show and I hope he dies. It's sad because he's probably the last person who will die since the show is named after him. Ollie is still being blackmailed by Darlene's ex and now he's asking for another favor.

Anyway, the big moment came when Tyrell kills the new CTO's wife. Man does not like to lose or be humiliated. He wiped his fingerprints on her neck, but forgot to wipe her nails. You can totally get DNA from under her fingernails, dude. If I was the CTO, I would have bodyguards everywhere because someone at that party killed my wife. First, Tyrell fires his men (they were douchebags though) and then he kills someone. This guy is on a the jailhouse.

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