Thursday, August 13, 2015

Lucifer, Minority Report, and Blindspot Leak

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So Game of Thrones and recently Supergirl aren't the only shows that have been leaked this year. Just recently, newcomers Lucifer, Minority Report, and Blindspot have also been leaked and you know me. I cannot not look and so I looked. Here's a quick guide if you're interested in these shows.

I wasn't too impressed with Lucifer. I came in thinking I wasn't going to like it and I came out not impressed. Usually when I watch a show I don't think I would like, I come out in favor of the show probably because I have low standards for it, but that's not what happened.

I consider Lucifer a mix of Castle and Constantine. It deals with angels and demons, but is a cop procedural with the main girl being a detective and the main guy being a pompous ass. You have to give credit where credit is due and Nathan Fillion walks the line perfectly. Castle is conceited, but has charm and it's because of the right mixture that Castle doesn't come off as a douche. I can't say the same thing about Lucifer. He's definitely conceited, but he fails at charm. Anytime he attempts, I want to say, "He's such an ass." One puts a smile on my face, while the other leaves me thinking fail. Now of course the detective is his love interest and just like Beckett, she is immune to his charm. However, they make a great team and will start solving crimes together. Same old, same old.

Lucifer doesn't add anything new, which is why I'm already passing on the show. I didn't feel any sparks between Lucifer and the detective. It may be early, but even in the first episode of Castle sparks were flying everywhere. And if I have to sit through another cop procedural, then it better be a good one. This just isn't it.

P.S. I really wish they hadn't killed Shay on Chicago Fire. If Lauren German left for this, it just wasn't worth it.
P.P.S. This was a big leak because this show wasn't supposed to premiere until next year. Oh, well.

Thought this would be a good one and it did not disappoint. Blindspot is a mix of Prison Break (so excited its coming back) and The Blacklist. A Jane Doe doesn't know how she ended up with tattoos all over her body and somehow the tattoos coincide with things happening in the world. Blindspot seems more real than The Blacklist and for me that's always a plus. Time seems to be always off in The Blacklist, as in, I'm always wondering how did they get to a place so fast. But Blindspot has its problems too like the "no camera were really working in Times Square" (I highly doubt that) and "the bad guy and the good guys taking the stairs all the way to the top of the Statue of Liberty and not being tired or out of breath" (there are 354 stairs). Yet it's still a lot of fun and seems like it will be an interesting ride that I'm totally willing to take. Count me in.

P.S. The first time I saw Jamie Alexander (Blindspot) she was naked too. #KyleXY #ThrowbackThursday
P.P.S I wish Kyle XY didn't get cancelled. I wish a lot of shows didn't get cancelled.

Minority Report
This was the one that I was looking forward to the most since I love the film Minority Report, but I wasn't impressed with this one either. If you don't know Minority Report, it's basically like Person of Interest, but instead of getting a name you just get flashes of images. I thought the pacing was a little off and I'm not sure the male lead is a good fit. I also don't think Wilma Valderrama is a good fit either. This stays on the bubble for now because it has potential. If you've seen the movie, you know it has potential, but the TV isn't as good as the movie that's for sure.

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