Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Mr. Robot Season 1 Finale Review

Hey People,

So I was really excited about Mr. Robot's season finale, but I have to say, it didn't live up to the hype I had in my head. Actually, I would continue to say that the episodes leading up to the finale were better than the actual finale. Let me explain why.

The episode starts off with the therapist that dumped Elliot as a patient, which I'm a little upset about because I thought coming clean about what Elliot thinks and feels would be what she wanted. Yes, he broke some boundaries, but he also saved her from a scumbag who came crawling back to her so he could bring Elliot down. I wanted to smack that guy twice. One for lying & cheating and two for thinking Elliot is the bad guy in this situation. I would add another smack just for the way he treated his dog. Regardless of what Elliot did, the scumbag would have been caught anyway since he used Ashley Madison. (I have no sympathy for those that got caught on that website. I only feel bad for those who thought it was a regular dating website and had no idea what the website was intended for and now they're with someone and their significant other thinks they were cheating.) Anyway, I'm glad the therapist said she wasn't going to help him because that man has clearly missed the point and has learned nothing.

Angela is working for the enemy. Sometimes you can't pick the job you want and have to settle for the job you can get because student loans are a bitch! I'm going through it myself. I totally understand. However by the end of the episode, I totally did not understand. What happened to Angela? She saw someone commit suicide and then decides to go buy some new shoes. This better be a coping mechanism because if it's not, then I just don't get it. She's walking a dangerous path by working for Evil Corp. I feel like next season she'll be the right hand of the CEO. Did anyone feel any sexual tension between those 2 or was it just me? Maybe this show has gotten me to start seeing things.

Darlene and crew were primarily focused on cleaning their tracks. We weren't shown this because Elliot had one of his blackouts, but apparently Elliot released the worm and Tyrell is nowhere to be found. We don't know if Elliot killed Tyrell because he planned to stop the worm or if Tyrell helped him with the worm, but that's what I love about this show. Everything is in the perspective of Elliot so we don't know if what we're watching is true or not and Elliot's blackouts just make everything harder to figure out, but simultaneously, adds to the mystery of the show.

Throughout the episode, Elliot was trying to find Tyrell so he could find out what happened. Elliot realized that there is a part of him that could help him--Mr. Robot. I have to say the best part of the episode for me was seeing what other people see when Elliot is talking to himself/chocking himself. It was really interesting. Anyway, Elliot never finds Tyrell or does he? Was Tyrell the one who knocked on the door? I doubt it. Did Elliot kill Tyrell? As much as I would like him to, I doubt it as well. Tyrell isn't necessarily the bad guy, but he definitely isn't a good guy either. I'm starting to think that maybe Angela will turn into a bad guy the longer she stays at Evil Corp. That place does things to people. Maybe next season Angela will be Tyrell 2.0, who knows.

The main reason I wasn't really crazy about the finale is because it didn't really give us any answers. I was waiting for a big reveal like finding out Darlene was Elliot's sister or Shayla being dead. Mr. Robot has done big reveals in the past and I was just expecting another since it's been so well planned out so far, but I think I was expecting too much and I can't hate on them because of the phenomenal season they have given as a whole. However, this was a great setup episode for the next season and I can't wait for it to come back. You made a fan out of me Mr. Robot.

Luv ya,

P.S. Can this happen in real life? I would totally love for debt to be wiped clean. It would cause chaos in the world but as long as your money isn't in a bank, you should be golden.
P.P.S. Tyrell's wife really could be the sister of Angelina Jolie.

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