Saturday, September 12, 2015

Tyrant Renewal News

Hey People,

*This is what I've heard*

So I was waiting to see if Tyrant would be renewed and I now know what will be happening and as promised, I'm sharing the news with you. FX has cancelled Tyrant :(

I know sad face and just when I was really getting into it. So no more Baliyah? Well, no so fast. It turns out that Netflix and Hulu are shopping. This means that Tyrant could still live on if either Netflix or Hulu picks it up. I don't really care who. I just want the show to continue. However, if it was on Netflix it could become incredibly dark, which I would love. Yet, Hulu owns the streaming rights, so if anyone picks it up it will most likely be them.

Don't count out Tyrant just yet.

Luv ya,

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