Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Scream Season 1 Finale Review

Hey People,

Don't you just hate it when I'm right? Well I wasn't completely right, but I knew Piper was going to be involved. What I don't get is why didn't Ms. Daisy not know what sex her child was? That's just weird. But I admit I was wrong about Piper's sidekick. It wasn't Mr. Branson, but Audrey who was her helper. Audrey had letters that were sent to her by Piper, so whether she knew who Piper really was is still up for debate. Hell, Audrey being a good person is up for debate, but I find it very suspicious that we didn't get to see Audrey and Piper's interaction when Piper was wearing the mask. It makes me think they were in on it together and started making out when Piper pushed up against the wall. That's right people, you heard it from me first. I think Piper and Audrey were lovers. Could I be wrong? Of course, I've can, but I like making theories and that's what this one is because we need another theory. There will be a season 2 after all.

So a quick rundown of the episode. Clark was killed, but again #whothefuckcares. I just find it odd when the mother and father were dating and the son and daughter were dating. It's just weird to me. Anyway, Emma has been pretty smart for the most part so why didn't she see it coming? Didn't she know it was going to be rigged? I mean if it happened to your ex in the same situation, shouldn't she have been thinking maybe it's rigged. I did laugh when I figured out the "gut-retching". That was pretty funny.

Why was Mr. Branson let go? He was still having sex with a minor. The man should still be in jail, not for murder, but for being a pedophile. Obviously the cops in this town are shit.

So there is a question out there asking will Piper be back? I highly doubt it. Girl was shot right in the head. That bitch is dead. However, I wouldn't rule out the actress not coming back. Flashbacks are still a thing right? And we need one to explain Audrey and Piper's relationship. But you should know for sure that I definitely will be back to watch next year because I have to see how they can expand on the mystery.

Give it up for Scream because unlike PLL, they actually revealed who the killer was and didn't drag out the story. This type of story-telling will always get an A from me. Get it?

Luv ya,

P.S. I think I'm going to do Scream as a diary entry next year. I kind of miss doing them. Hell, I started this blog because of them and I haven't been doing them lately because I couldn't find the right fit for a show, but now that I think about it Scream would be perfect. Now I just have to remind myself to do it.

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