Sunday, September 6, 2015

Will You Be My Servant? (27)

Sakiko: What should I do…?
Itoe: <slams her hands against the table and startles Sakiko>
Sakiko: What was that for?
Itoe: <she starts drawing Sakiko with zippered lips and then shows it to her>
Sakiko: You’re the one to talk… or not talk… or…whatever!
Itoe: <Itoe points to the question mark again>
Sakiko: If you’re asking me what to do, I don’t know! Wait a minute, why should I believe you? This could be some ploy to mess up what Natsue and I have.
Itoe: Grr…
Sakiko: Grr someone your own species. That’s it. I’m done here. Now where’s the way out?
Sakiko: Fine. I’ll just find my own way! Now where’s the wall? <Sakiko starts walking around and trips over another chair and crashing into a wall and hitting her head once again> Ow! Ow! Ow! OW! <as she rolls on the floor holding her head>
Itoe: <Itoe smiles near the candlelight>
Sakiko: It’s not funny! Ow, my head. At least I found the wall. <Sakiko stands up and feels her hand along the wall> Hahaha! I found the switch! <lights turn on> Ow, my eyes!
Itoe: <blows out the candle>
Sakiko: <her eyes finally adjust> I told you I could do this on my own. <looks around> Where’s the door?
Itoe: <smiles again>
Sakiko: How is this place scarier with the lights on?
Itoe: <Itoe picks up the paper with Natsue and the question marks and shows it to Sakiko again>
Sakiko: I don’t know! Maybe it’s you!
Itoe: <she stares at Sakiko in shock and then starts thinking to herself with a confused look on her face>
Sakiko: No… that’s not what I meant. I… shouldn’t have said that.
Itoe: <sits back down in her chair>
Sakiko: I’m sorry, Itoe. Natsue thinks so highly of you. If she’s unhappy, then it’s definitely not because of you. It’s because of me and I’ll set things right.
Itoe: <looks at Sakiko, stands up, and slowly moves towards Sakiko>
Sakiko: Please don’t hurt me!
Itoe: <slides Sakiko to the side and pulls out a square section of the floorboard and pushes down the attic ladder>
Sakiko: Oh! I would have never thought of that. <Sakiko starts descending the stairs> Are you coming?
Itoe: <walks back to her chair> …
Sakiko: I’ll make this right. I promise.
Sakiko: Now where am I? I’m on the 2nd floor of the library!?
Students: Shhhhh! Shhhhh! Shhhhh!
Sakiko: Sorry! Then this must be the attic. I didn’t even know there was an attic here. I need to find Natsue. I need to talk to her.
Rumi: 5 minutes have passed. Time to get out here. The coast is clear. The sooner I get out of this closet the better. Damn it, someone’s coming up the stairs. <goes back in the closet and waits for the girls to pass> What am I doing? I should be able to walk out of here with no discouragement. You can do this Rumi.
Sakiko: I should come to library more often. It’s so quiet! I swear I could hear a pin drop in here. No wonder Itoe likes it here so much. It’s her natural habitat. Is that… Yes, it is. Hey, traitor!
Students: Shhhhh!
Rumi: Huh?
Sakiko: You…
Student: Shhh!
Sakiko: What a great best friend you are. You left me to die.
Rumi: You seem not dead.
Sakiko: Well that’s because I escaped from the Werewolf’s lair. Did you just come out of the Servant Section?
Rumi: Uhhh… yea I did. Remember how they used to call us perverts.
Sakiko: Yea.
Rumi: They still do.
Sakiko: They just can’t let things go. Were you with Kimiko? Because apparently she’s more important than me being dragged off by Werewolf.
Rumi: I’m sorry.
Sakiko: It’s okay. We had a nice non-talk. Did you run into Natsue?
Rumi: No.
Sakiko: If you do, can you tell her that I need to talk to her. It’s important.
Rumi: Will do. By the way, where are we?
Sakiko: This is St. Catherine’s Library. How do you not know that?
Rumi: I was kind of pushed here by some Servants.
Sakiko: Well this is one of the few places where Masters and Servants can mingle.
Rumi: It’s beautiful.
Sakiko: So let’s finish that conversation.
Sakiko: Is this what you want?
Rumi: Anika is a great Servant, isn’t she?
Sakiko: You ask as if you don’t know.
Rumi: What do you want me to say Sakiko? I have two Servants, both amazing. One far beyond my reach and the other within my grasp. One my heart is telling me to be with and the other my brain. I’m battling intellect with emotion and I’m sorry that I can’t give you an answer because I don’t have one.
Rumi: But none of that matters anymore because now, I only have one choice. And I’m not going to screw it up by going after someone who rejected me.
Sakiko: Listen, I would love to debate this with you all day but my voice is getting groggy from whispering so much and your speech made me realize something that I need to do.
Rumi: Huh?
Sakiko: You’ll make a great Master to whichever Servant you choose. And I need to be one too. I’ll see you later.

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