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S1 E6 & E7 & E8
There were just a bunch of deaths in the episode. It makes me think not to come to that hospital. There were 3 patient storylines 4 if you include Natalie. One little boy who got a death sentence--he'll die in 5 years which to him at the age of ten is a long time. It reminded me of One Liter of Tears. If you haven't seen it, don't. You will literally cry a liter of tears. A brother and sister who were stowaways on an airplane were thrown off the airplane as it landed. The brother died and the sister was taken after it was decided she was well enough to travel. Another boy was shot just after coming to the hospital for stitches because he fell off his bike. And finally, Natalie had her baby.

We learned that Natalie's mother-in-law feels threatened by Will and how close he is to Natalie when her son just died 7 months ago. I mean she should be. We all see this coming. Natalie called out his name when she was given birth. Sarah had to tell the parents that their 10 year old son is dying from an incurable disease. You know I kind of like this show for these subtle reasons. Usually, we see a doctor show where they have a patient figure out there problem and either the patient dies or lives in the end, but I'm glad this show took the time to see how hard it is for the doctor to tell the truth to their patient. We also get a little mystery in this show, which I was expecting. What did Rhodes' father do that made his mother kill herself. I'm going to go with a cliche and say he was sleeping with the maid. He was definitely sleeping with someone. I know that much.

P.S. I'm surprised we didn't see April's brother in the episode.

Still no April's brother, but April did come to realize that all saint's might have just had stokes that made them so nice. Okay not all of them, just most of them. Her patient had a stroke that made him super generous and then he had another that made him super selfish. The mind is a crazy thing.

Will finally saw Natalie and Natalie's mother-in-law was super nice to him. Why? Because that bitch is selfish and wants Natalie to stay in Chicago instead of moving back home with her parents in Seattle. If she gets Will and Natalie together than she'll most likely stay with the baby. I am really hating this mother-in-law, especially when she's the fun mother-in-law in The Fosters.

Will also had a patient that almost killed 2 people on their first date, but the only reason he was hijacked the car in the first place was so he could go back to prison and get the state to pay for his treatment of cancer. Isn't that a sad realization? We treat our prisoners better than we treat people who haven't committed a crime. WAKE UP AMERICA!

To answer Rhodes question of do I think the couple on their first date would last, my answer is the same as his, no. They may share a death experience, but that doesn't mean they will have anything else in common. Speaking of Rhodes, him and Sam had a rough patch because she's bitching about the fact she can't operate for 2 weeks, but she gets over it by the end of the episode and they're back together. I really don't care about these 2.

Then there was the heartfelt patient that was waiting for a bone marrow transplant and because her brother was trying to do something nice for the donor, it was taken as a possible bribe by the hospital. Luckily, Sharon gives the go ahead for the operation even when she shouldn't have and the hospital doesn't fight it because who in their right mind would fight a girl who will have a life now that she got her transplant. End of discussion.

I have to clear this up because it really bugged me in this episode. The VA has great service once you are in. Veterans that are in the VA say how great the service is. The problem with the VA is the wait time to get the service, but once you're in it's all good. That's what my problem with this episode was. It made it seem that the VA had bad service when it doesn't. The VA is slow to get in that's what the government needs to fix. The backlog is true but not to get CAT scans, but to actually get in. That's my announcement.

I can't believe that after only 1 month Natalie is back to work. In the US, you get at least 3 months of paid leave. So again, I say why the fuck is she back. That makes no sense and I'm surprised that her mother-in-law wasn't there or maybe she talked Natalie into coming back early so she can run off with the kid. I know, I know. I'm just creating more drama.

I'm shocked April is on a dating app when she's hooking up with Severide last time I checked. I don't know, I haven't watched Fire yet. But Sarah and Joey are cute together. I'm even sort of rooting for them. He even made the effort to get off the dating app. I wouldn't consider it cheating because they weren't exclusive. On the other hand, those 2 besties where one was pre-med and the other came in because she had Lyme Disease, well all I have to say to that is I'm glad the pre-med left her bestie because her boyfriend (hopefully ex) cheated on her with the best friend. I don't think she meant it when pre-med said she hopes her ex bestie gets a STD and dies because then most likely she would die of the same disease because they both slept with her boyfriend. We need to think these comebacks through when we say them. On a positive note, Sarah totally called it.

As for that daddy daughter relationship, it was all kinds of weird. I'm close with my father, but there was just something so off putting about their relationship. I'm glad it wasn't sexual because my mind was heading in that direction. Instead the girl made herself sick to get comforted by her father so her father wouldn't be so sad about her mother passing. Sometimes separation is a good thing and I don't feel bad about what the doctors did. They made the right call.

P.S. Why did Rhodes have to make tea? I hope that's explained in the next episode.

S4 E11 & E12 & E13
Otis shaved his mustache! Finally that thing came off. He looked like Mario to me. This is just another step closer for him and Brett to get together now that Brett is single again.

Severide and that agent, really? I feel like that's where this is heading and I have to say someone needs to write Severide a steady girlfriend. I feel like his girlfriends are always random. Bring back his ex-wife. I miss her.

Herrmann is back! I wonder how long he was out because the man was stabbed. That's at least a few months to me but it seems like it was only last week. Cruz kept informing Herrmann about Freddie, but Herrmann just wanted to move on from the incident. Cruz ended up going to see Freddie and it was a great scene. Freddie apologized and I still don't think Cruz will forgive himself for letting Freddie in the house even after that. Time will tell.

Chili is not a psycho like I once thought. We finally know the reason of why she's been acting so weird lately--her sister died. I know she was very close to her so I'm guessing it really messed her up. I don't blame Brett for going to Boden, she was just looking out for her, but I hope Chili confesses to what's been going on with her.

P.S. Jimmy and Chili are officially over, but no one should be surprised by this.

Did I tell you or did I tell you? The agent and Severide got together and they're ugh. Please give him a steady girlfriend even Mouch is eye rolling it.

The tornado that happened in the last episode was still an issue this episode. The shelter was going to close down because of funding, so Casey wanted to help out by speaking. They raised over $50,000 and not a dime went to the shelter. So where's the money? I hate politics. I really do.

Dawson laid it out for Chili that she needed to get her act together and Chili finally spilled the beans on her Jelly Bean. She was a CI for Antonio and Antonio got her out of drugs, but she just went back to it in the end and it killed her. Everyone has their own way of dealing with grief. I just hope it doesn't cost her her job.

Herrmann did the sweetest thing ever and gave Freddie a second chance not only for Freddie, but for himself as well. It gave him a chance to believe in faith again. I guess the call with suicidal kid (I'm surprised that PD didn't take this call) really hit him hard and I'm glad he met up with Freddie's father so he could explain why Freddie is the way he is. It was a tearful scene at least for me.

In other news, Otis fired Dawson to be in charge of his makeover.

Well that was intense. It reminded me of Grey's Anatomy's famous episode of the grieving shooter except no one at 51 was shot or killed, which is probably why I didn't feel as emotional as Grey's. But I will say that it was still grim. Anyone who kills anyone for no reason always is.

Casey and that douchebag of a politician still have some business to do. Casey really should just go to media.

I'm glad the relationship or whatever it was with Severide and the agent is over. Felt no chemistry whatsoever. And I have to be super happy about Chili and Brett getting back together as friends people as friends. I didn't want one of them to leave, but if I had to choose, I'd choose Chili.

P.S. I'm glad they kept up with the tradition of the police vs the firehouse boxing match. Good luck Jimmy. I wonder who at PD will contend.

S1 E11
Was it just me and the fact that I just went to the dentist or could you not stop staring at the imaginary dinosaur's teeth either? I try not to make fun of actors' features, but his teeth looked a mess. I'm really hoping they were fake or he needs to go to a dentist stat!

Anyway, this episode was kind of fun and annoying at the same time. I really like and enjoy how this show takes a regular case and changes it up on you so you won't become bored with a regular case of the week. We had 2 stranglers huggers which Brian both caught. Quantico is nothing like Quantico that's for sure and that may be a good thing. 1 strangler was caught in the beginning of the episode and the other at the end when Brian figured out a doctor was getting paid for his research to cover up a rich guy's son's murder by implementing the murder in one of his patient's memories. Sick I know.

The real big story is Rebecca being very close to finding out about Eddie Morra. She's going to realize the coat was switched and once she does, she'll be that much closer to finding out about Brian.

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