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S3 E11
The Fosters is back! Let's run down the list. Stef has stage 0 cancer. I didn't even know that stage even existed. It's been caught so early that she'll definitely will be fine. But having cancer is always something to worry about. I bet she's glad her mom sent her mammogram for a 2nd opinion now.

Lena and Monte are not friends. Hands off her Monte she's taken. However, Stef and Lena agreed that Monte should continue to work at the school despite her confession. I like Lena with Monte and I like Lena with Stef, so I really don't care. They can continue down the road of destruction if they want, but I doubt that will still happen now that we have Stef's cancer in play.

Brandon and Callie. All I can say about them is that they are still a huge mess. Callie is going out/hanging out with AJ, but what she doesn't know is AJ already left the state. Good riddance. I didn't care so much about AJ and his brother is just a whole other disliked story. I hope this is a way for the writers to get rid of both characters and they don't come back. Just let it go. Maybe Stef will focus on her cancer and forget about hunting down AJ's brother. So even though I see Callie staying single in her future, I don't think Brandon will. Methinks he'll get with that bartender once he starts working their for tips playing on the piano.

Jesus didn't get kicked out of school like I suspected. Apparently, he was being good and didn't want to take steroids, so he wanted to leave the school. I hope that's not the real story because Jesus was always the guy who made bad decisions. I'm really hoping that he was the ring leader in the steroid trade. What can I say? I like drama. But now he's back with his siblings at school and just so happens Emma is back on the screen again and so is Lexis. I really hope he doesn't get back with Lexi. If there's anyone he should get back with it's Emma.

Mariana is running for junior president. I never heard of such a thing but okay. Too bad her bestie Lexi is also running. I don't think Mariana has anything to worry about though. Lexi is a total bitch. I'm just saying.

Jude is losing his boyfriend and he's not taking it so well. He tries to make another friend, but that friend is a total ass. You can do better Jude. He's just filled with hate that I can feel it from across the screen.

As for Mike, I thought AJ and his brother would create a good story for him, but since they just up and left I don't see that happening anymore. He has gone back to being irrelevant again.

S1 E11
I hope I'm not the only that was confused. I must have forgotten that Cat had another son. I remember her stating he was her biggest regret, but I must have thought it was the one we already met, which wouldn't make that much sense now that I think about. Anyway, Cat's first son came in town when Kara ended up finishing a letter Cat wrote to him. She should have been fired for that if you ask me. That is just a total violation of privacy if you ask me. But in the end, Cat and her son make up and Kara gets asked out by the hot son so all ends on a good note. That is until Kara breaks up with said hot son because she or possibly he realizes that Kara isn't over Jimmy. I will say this though, it was funny to see Kara act as the buffer between the mother and son.

Speaking of not being over someone, Winn is asking for his space and time. I know Kara doesn't like him like that and you really can't force these things but I really hope she doesn't figure out later that she does like him in that way because then that would really make me hate her.

The villain of the week was a White Martian and Hank was having none of it. He was about to kill it and if I was there I would have been rooting him on, but Supergirl just had to talk him out of it. The Green Martians apparently got the treatment Jewish people did from Nazis. It was that bad. I wouldn't hate on him if he did it. After all, the White Martian was still trying to kill him, but Supergirl had to lay it thick saying even if you are the last Green Martian, you will no longer be because you killed the White Martian and you become no better than they are. Ugh, leave the sappiness at home woman. They end up capturing the White Martian and it ends up revealing there are more of them out there. So this won't be the last we see of them. To end on the good note, the Senator that the White Martian was shape shifting into changed her stance on aliens. I guess she can quit talking about that dome. Maybe there's hope for Donald Trump and that great big wall of his. Hahaha I crack myself up.

I really hate the moments Kara and Alex are talking back at Kara's apartment now that we know Maxwell is watching them. I wouldn't be surprised if they filmed a shot of him getting off on this. I'm just saying. In the end of the episode, we see Kara watching Supergirl on TV. Well that's not right. Another White Martian? Maybe, but I think Maxwell Lord has something to do with this.

S2 E9
I must admit it was a bit sad that Rafael wasn't there to see Mateo's sleep regression. They way he's been acting like a father you would think he would have some say in this, but I guess not. I missed the interaction between Jane and Rafael this week. I wouldn't say I'm back into rooting for them to be together, but they do share a kid together so they should be at least on speaking terms with one another. I sometimes hate how Jane will only listen to what the experts say and not to the 2 women that live in the house with her that has gone through babies not sleeping. Let the kid cry it out! It's not inhumane for the baby to cry it out. You are teaching a valuable lesson right from the get go. Sometimes mommy won't be there to hold your hand. I saw too many people in college that couldn't deal with their parents not being there to handle their situations that's all I'm saying.

Jane is still in love with Michael and I am just so glad that he is over her and has moved on with another girl. Yes, it is very weird that an ex would befriend the your current girlfriend. From his point of view, she seems crazy I mean even when she was trying to explain how it happened it seemed crazy and we all saw it. I just don't like the fact that she was over Michael and then once she sees him all her feelings come back. I get it. It's just annoying to watch. At least we got to see Jane overcome McBasket and got him to write his paper even if it was a C-.

Then you have Rogelio's mother staying with a man for 47 years knowing he was gay for 40 of them. I'm glad they didn't make a big deal of him being gay and made a bigger deal of the fact G-ma stayed with him after the fact. I'm really hoping she had a side piece the whole time.

Meanwhile, Petra still had to deal with her mother turning her over to the police. Good thing her mother isn't smart enough to obstruct evidence correctly. She used a knife that was bought by the hotel after the guy was already dead. Nice job. Now she's going back to jail and she told Petra wrong choice. The narrator warned us these words would haunt her and that we should forget what he just told us, but I haven't even forgotten what he said about Michael yet. I'm still waiting for him to die.

For the big finale, we get the biggest shock of the night. Rafael's mother is Mutter because Luisa's mother is actually dead. What do I have to say about this? Why are all the ring leaders hot women? Makes me think of going into the drug trade business.

P.S. Luisa and the detective or Luisa and Sin Rostro? I don't know. I like them both. Actually, I take that back. I just like Luisa. Make her a regular already!

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