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It's been awhile since I've had a Saturday lineup, but hey I kind of think Saturdays have the best shows, but that's just my opinion.

S4 E1 & E2
Banshee is back for its final season. Now remember folks, this season will only have 8 episodes, which is just disheartening since tonight we'll be almost half way there. But let me backtrack a bit since I missed recapping the premiere.

They still haven't found Job yet. Nooooooo! Who's going to be my comic relief this season? And hot Rebecca is dead. Again, nooooooo! It's been 2 years since season 3's finale and a lot has changed. Hood looks like Jesus and gave up on finding Job. Carrie lost the right to raise her kids and is now a vigilante. Proctor is the mayor. I questioned who the hell voted for him, but when you run unopposed how could he not win. Smh. Sugar is probably the only consistent character that has not changed. Brock, of course, became the new sheriff at an awesome new sheriff department. Bunker is still there as a deputy. Now the funny thing about Bunker is he has the most interesting story right now to me. He's banging his brother's wife. It doesn't get any better than that. Now it still looks like the brothers are going to go to war with each other as I predicted in last year's finale, but with this going down it will only escalate everything.

So the big mystery this season will be who killed Rebecca. Proctor thinks it's one of his enemies, but I think it's his right hand man. Clay. Man has always been crazy, controlled, but crazy.

Job is alive! I mean, Job is barely alive! Whoever is torturing Job will feel my wrath. I was worried that he was actually dead because I didn't see Hoon Lee's name in the title sequence. Now we only have to get the group to believe that he's still alive.

Proctor has some major issues. He killed his niece's ex just because he was screwing her. Still think Clay is the one that killed Rebecca. I don't like the fact that Proctor has more power now. When is this dude going to die? At least he's going to have problems with the Brotherhood very soon. I can't wait for his demise.

Carrie is a real vigilante and Bunker gives her the cases to work. They could have a show just based on this. Spinoff! That's all I'm saying.

S2 E1
I swear when I watch this show, I forget everything exists other than this show. Now I try to stay away from spoilers about this show as much as possible so it's hard for me to read the comment section because there's always someone who wants to spoil it for you. At least do me the courtesy of putting spoiler that's all I ask.

Tobias needs an Emmy and a Golden Globe for both of his roles as Black Jack and Frank. He can make you hate him so much as Black Jack, while being sympathizing for him as Frank. And man did I feel bad for Frank.

First of all, when this show opened I was like how the hell did she get back to her time? Why the hell is she back in her time? I thought she went to France, But I guess we won't find out how she ended up there until the end of the season. Something tells me Jamie pushed her to go because of the war. But anyway, Claire is back in her time and she's not alone. She's pregnant and Frank wasn't all too happy about his wife carrying another man's baby. Can you blame him? But he decides to accept the child as his, even after hearing everything that happened to Claire. Her falling in love with another man didn't faze him. Well it did, but he was willing to look beyond that. They decide to make a deal. Frank only wanted 2 things: they raise the child as his child and that Claire let's go of Jamie. Now these are reasonable conditions, but we all know that they are very hard ones. However, Claire agrees not because they're reasonable, but because Jamie told her to let go, which makes me believe that Claire coming back was planned.

Frank and Claire planned to leave Scotland and go to the States and that's when we're hit with a flashback. And yes this is a flashback. I read a comment from someone who thought she traveled back in time, which would make no sense at that moment, but whatever. I hear that this whole season will be this one very long flashback, which is fine by me.

Claire and Jamie are in France. Parlez en francais tout le temp. It's crazy, but I like hearing France. In America you would hear Spanish a lot so I'm glad there's some shows that feature French. Anyway, Claire and Jamie are trying to rewrite history by stopping the uprise of the Jacobites. I hear this book the season is based on was very political so some thought this episode was boring, but I found it intriguing and if you didn't like this episode something tells me you're not going to like this entire season because of it being political. Think of it this way. It's like Game of Thrones wait it out until you get an action scene.

Claire has already made an enemy in France because she diagnosed 2 men of having smallpox, which meant the whole shipment had to be burned, which cost that guy a pretty penny. That's our Claire.

Let us not forget Mutter who is just going along for the ride at this moment. He's a great wing man.

P.S. Love how they changed the opening song and added a bit of french in.

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