Sunday, May 1, 2016

Shame on Me!

Hey People,

I know I know I know. I have been a bad blogger, but in my defense my work life has done a total 180. I was hired to do a job and then that was derailed for a few months because someone had a mental breakdown (yes, that totally happens in the field I'm in, apparently a lot) and I had to cover their position. Then when said person came back I was finally going to do the job I was hired to do when another person up and leaves their position so then I had to fill their spot and had to learn something in 2 weeks before they left. The position was a mess. No backup, no nothing, and way too many emails that had nothing to do with the position. Long story short, we had to change a lot of the process. I've been coming in on the weekends for the past month, so even my weekends were limited. Now everything is starting to run smoothly and I'm starting to see my weekends again. Only came in for 3 hours this weekend. Progress! Safe to say, TV wasn't my highest priority.

I also missed playing video games and reading. I miss not having a job. I had so much time to do TV, video games, and reading and didn't have to worry about waking up too late. Now I don't have time to do anything anymore. That's why I've decided from now on there will be no more Previously... Why? Because I can't keep up that's why. Plus I like binging anyway so it works out if I do it like this. I'll still review seasons so I'll still be doing the blog just not as many posts. And if I quit a show, you'll definitely hear me bitching or rejoicing at the fact that I quit the show just in time it went to shit (looking at you, Castle).

In short, I'm not going anywhere!

Luv ya,

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