Thursday, July 24, 2014

Extant S1 E3

Dear Diary,

Am I going crazy? I've decided to diagnose myself so let's review the facts shall we. I wake up to Molly every morning and watch her as she opens her eyes. How? Well from their bedroom window, of course. Although, John usually is blocking my view. He kind of ruins everything. We then go for a run. More like she runs and I try not to die. What was she on today? She was running as if she saw a stalker or something. I thought I was going to keel over until she finally stopped. And guess who she stopped for? The baby daddy, of course. But I guess he isn't the baby daddy since apparently it's John's baby. Still can't make sense of all this, but I'll continue until I find the truth.

I guess I should mention Ethan's first day of school. Some hesitant parents, but they'll get over it. By the way, toasters are cool android or not. Molly met up with Sam to discuss her coming in for some brain tests. I may need one myself with the day that I just had. Molly then went to Harmon's house. He wasn't in, big surprise. As Molly hopped into her car. I decided to check out the place for myself. I saw these circles drawn on the wall and these were some real circles. Anytime I try to draw a circle they always end up egged shaped. This man is an artist in my book. Those circles did remind me of something though. I can't remember what though. Anyway, I got back into my car to follow Molly. By the time I caught up to her, it seemed like someone else had already pulled her over. Molly, were you speeding? Somebody is living in the fast lane today.

I can't believe it happened to me again. Another party that I wasn't invited to. I was so upset and was about to march right over there and give them a piece of my mind until I saw Molly in that dress. Then all was forgiven. I decided to watch from a distance with my binoculars. At one point, I saw Molly go upstairs with Sam. At first I thought affair, but sadly no. Sam just wanted her blood for whatever reason.

Here is when things get a little crazy (you know since everything that's happened so far is so normal). I saw Molly hug this guy apparently named Tim. I wanted a hug like that so I decided to crash the party. I had perfect timing too because the lights went out and I sneaked in from the back. This is the closest I've ever been to Molly, but it didn't last long because when the lights came on Molly followed her husband upstairs. So you know where I went. I heard Molly's confession to John about the baby. They probably hugged. When will I get my hug?

Then we watched a video that of course I wasn't in. I missed her too, you know. The nerve of people. After the video was over Molly kept yelling for Tim, but everyone acted as if they didn't know what she was talking about. She went to a picture of the party and that's when I saw it. A missed opportunity to be right next to Molly in a picture. Lady luck was not on my side. So Tim was never there. What did Molly and I see? Is crazy contagious?

Molly decides to be quarantined and goes with Sparks (the old baby daddy).  I decided to follow her because I thought I was just as crazy and needed to be quarantined as well, but that didn't happen. The car went nut and then Molly got out the car and started running. I was going to pick her up, but John got to her first. I'm starting to really hate this man. I saw them go back home, pack their things and leave. Where are they going? I don't know, but I'll definitely follow them.

So am I crazy? Hell yea I am!

Luv ya,

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