Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Lottery Review

Hey People,

So I wanted to check out The Lottery on Lifetime since the premise was interesting.

Summary: Humans can't procreate anymore and nobody knows why.

So I came into this show thinking this had potential to be good and I was even more intrigued because it was on Lifetime so I watched it today. I got halfway through this show before I realized I can't watch this anymore. I usually wouldn't judge a show based on 30 minutes, but there are 2 big reasons why I quit right in the middle of it.

1) This show makes it seem like every woman is baby crazy.
2) I don't like the idea of the government controlling procreation.

If the latter was the only reason, I probably would have stuck it out until the end of the episode. However, the first one was a major factor and a huge turn off. Additionally, we're not talking about that far into the future. It's only been 9 years. I understand the need to populate, but as a sci-fi for women, I just wasn't into it.

The only good part of the show that I liked was when they focused on the single father and his son. Actually, if the show was just about them, I would probably be more inclined to watch.

If I stuck it out maybe I would have seen some of these actors, but those that I do know from the show are J. August Richards from Angel (a lot of Angel actors are coming out from hiding), Marley Shelton from various things but mostly Sugar & Spice, David Alpay from The Vampire Diaries, Shelley Conn from Terra Nova, Lesley-Ann Brandt from Spartacus, and Ernie Hudson, who's been in everything. You will definitely recognize Hudson's face when you see it.

I've read other reviews of this show and from the ones I've read, they don't seem to like it. Some even commented on acting skills not being up to par. I didn't see anything wrong with their acting, but the writing, yes.

Recommend: No, but this is one of those times when I say I wish this show was on paid cable. Now that would be way more interesting to actually see how sexual the humans have become.

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