Saturday, July 26, 2014

Will You Be My Servant? (12)

Rumi: I’m sorry for bumping into you like that back there, but I could have sworn that I saw a ghost.
Kimi: Really?
Rumi: Yes, really! Look, I know it sounds stupid, but I saw it. I guess Sakiko was right.
Kimi: What?
Rumi: Nothing, I was just thinking about something Sakiko said.
Kimi: Master Rumi, can you keep a secret?
Rumi: Of course I can, my lips are sealed.
Kimi: The ghost is Master Megumi.
Rumi: A ghost got to her. I knew it. You act that evil all the time it will come back to haunt you—
Kimi: No, she’s not dead. It’s a tradition for the 1st ranks to scare those who enter the forest.
Rumi: So why are you here with me? You should be with Megumi.
Kimi: I didn’t want to take part in something like that. I don’t want to scare students like you just were.
Rumi: But it’s fun! Think about it. If this trip is about getting to know your pair, then wouldn’t it make sense to scare them out of their mind in this dark forest so all they have is each other to rely on? It creates a bonding experience for them and a good tale to laugh about later.
Kimi: I never thought of it that way.
Rumi: No, but it’s not too late to change your mind.
Kimi: No, it’s not. I guess I should head back to Megumi.
Rumi: I guess you should.
Kimi: I think it’s this way or was it this way? No, it was this way, I think. Do remember what direction we came from?
Rumi: Umm…well I always rely on the stars and—oh no! When did those clouds move in?
Kimi: It looks like it’s going to rain.
Rumi: I don’t know where we are.
Kimi: What should we do?
Rumi: We need find shelter. It’ll start to rain soon. Let’s go this way.
Kimi: How about this way instead?
Rumi: Any particular reason why?
Kimi: I just have a feeling that this is the right way, as if someone is whispering to my ear, “Go this way”.
Rumi: Okay, I trust you.
Kimi: I think I just felt a raindrop.
Anika: It is pouring out there.
Sakiko: I know. They’re calling in everyone from the forest.
Anika: I can’t believe this is how it ends. We head out first thing in the morning. I never got to spend time with Master Rumi.
Sakiko: And I didn’t spend any time with Natsue, but don’t worry we’ll have our chance.
Sensei: Have you seen Otaka Rumi anywhere?
Sakiko: No, I haven’t seen her since we left for the trip. When I came to our room she was already gone. She left a note saying she was with Haya.
Sensei: Haya is already here. She parted with Haya an hour ago. What about Mizuno Kimiko?
Anika: She’s missing too?
Sensei: Not missing just can’t be found. I don’t want to alarm the parents just yet. We’ll wait until the storm passes through. The news reported it’ll end soon. Until then, we’ll just have to wait.
Rumi: I’m glad I listened to you or we wouldn’t be here.
Kimi: Who knew this route would lead us here?
Rumi: I know right? Now, we wait.
Kimi: Master Rumi?
Rumi: Hmm?
Kimi: Back there, you talked about relying on your Servant, yet you don’t seem to have one at the moment.
Rumi: Oh, I sent Haya away.
Kimi: Why?
Rumi: She didn’t want to be with me. I want a Servant to be with me because they want to not because they have to.
Kimi: I understand.
Rumi: Speaking of Haya, she told me what you said.
Kimi: Oh.
Rumi: I didn’t get to hear all of it.
Kimi: I just told her the truth about how I felt about you. You’re a kind person Master Rumi and any Servant would be lucky to have you.
Rumi: I feel the same way about you.
Rumi: Megumi doesn’t deserve you.
Kimi: My fate is already sealed. It’s never been done before, 1st ranks not being paired together, but what about you?
Rumi: What about me?
Kimi: Have you chosen your Servant?
Rumi: I have.
Kimi: Oh!
Rumi: It will be hard to reach her, but I’m determined.
Kimi: Well that’s good.
Rumi: Except I have no idea how to do it.
Kimi: Well maybe I can help you.
Rumi: You mean…
Kimi: I’ll help you study. We won’t be choosing pairs for a while, so there’s plenty of time to get your rank up. Besides, summer vacation is a month away and—
Rumi: Thank you, Kimiko.
Kimi: Well, this way I get practice helping a Master, so you’re helping me too.
Rumi: But still, thank you.
Kimi: It stopped.
Rumi: Why couldn’t it rain forever?

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